The Ultimate Lazy Accessory

Love this scarf, right? How could you not?

I suppose, to be perfectly honest, the laziness it is not really an intrinsic quality of the scarf per say.

So let me rephrase, the Ultimate Lazy-Girl Accessory, or as I like to call today’s menagerie of ensembles, a Progressive Outfit (not unlike a progressive dinner party for my back).

The outfit began on Saturday night when I paired this scarf, which I picked up for 2 dollars at a rummage sale (I love to rummage- it’s kind of my thang), with a brown mini dress, brown tights, a pair of kick-ass brown boots and an oversized boyfriend blazer. I didn’t take a photo but someone had a camera so at some point, if there are actually any photos me do not look like blatant marketing for the Sonoma Valley region of vineyards, or a "before" photo for the Betty Ford clinic, I will post them.

That said, Saturday didn’t end until early Sunday so the scarf never actually made it back to its home base in the closet.

Monday morning rolled around and I needed a belt for this outfit…enter scarf.

DKNY Trousers
(Did I just say trousers? A perfect match to last week’s blouse and next weeks dungarees)
Anne Klein Sweater
Jimmy Choo Pumps

Later Monday morning I was “class mommy” for Baby Dean’s co-op preschool so I paired the scarf with…

American Apparel super versatile spandex dress
Gap Granpa Sweater (Thrifted NWT)
Miss Sixty Jeans (bought in college- when Miss Sixty was a small shop in SOHO and nothing more)
Vintage Uggs (Not really vintage but super old)

Monday Evening I paired the dress with matching leggings to teach Pilates.
I have promised Sam and Carly that when they are 13 they can come to my exercise class and be my assistants.

Long Day Today- I will obviously be doing some laundry tomorrow