Which girl was it that combed through the racks of a recent Boys and Girl’s Club rummage sale looking for vintage dresses to make into tunics? THAT GIRL!

And which girl stumbled across, among a plethora of other treasures that I honestly had to fight nobody for, this great, once mid-calf length frock most likely donated by someone named Hazel, Gertrude or Ester? THAT GIRL!

And which girl, without hesitation, recognized the graphic from one of America’s greatest sitcoms? THAT GIRL!

I give you (not literally) my THAT GIRL Tunic

As mentioned, when I met this tunic it was a long dress. A snip here…a fold there …and I now have one of my favorite pieces this season.

So many bloggers have been posting about tunics and leggings lately and I am glad the look is back. If you are old enough to remember dressing in the 80s you couldn’t escape the long t-shirt, leggings and big colorful belt made of inorganic material trend. Ugly as sin but so comfortable.
2010 has redefined the look. We retained the comfort but took away the garish fabrics and materials of the 80s

Welcome back tunic and leggings- perhaps this should have been a Kotter related post.


No More Teacher's Dirty Looks

A few hours ago I clicked “SUBMIT.” Yes, I read the warning; I am clearly aware that if I need to change a grade from this point forward I must hike down (schlepp if you are a Northeasterner) to the admissions building, toddlers in tow, and sign a form.

I clicked “SUBMIT.” There is no turning back now. Sure I sprinkled a few plus signs where they have little business adorning, but I award liberally to students who participate in class with actual related comments that do not begin, “One time my friends and I were wasted on the beach and…”

I clicked “SUBMIT.” My semester, lovingly referred to as SP10, is officially over . And so, this is my last Work ensemble post.

How apropo that I should be posting the last work related outfit in the same post that I am accepting an award, the Blackboard Award (as it is now named-we need a better graphic folks), from In Professorial Fashion- professors from Brooklyn who know their style.

I give any educator with style kudos. It is a tough balance; On one hand we are trying to solidify our place in the department of tenured, and often older professors, on the other hand we are trying to gain credibility with our students (a feet unto itself for young instructors) and still a third hand we are trying to not compromise our sense of style. On top of all this, when we do our job we are quite aware that all eyes in the room are (theoretically) upon us. For those of us who've lectured in lecture halls, that is sometimes upwards of 200 sets of eyes at any one time (again theoretically).

So Kudos right back at you, In Professorial Fashion and I am passing this award on to other educators who dare to put thought in their work ensembles and not just wear matching sweater sets and pearls.

P.S. Yes, all my clothing has a story. I gave this blouse to my mother for “Jewish Christmas” last year (that is what we celebrate- we like decorating trees) and she opened it, gave that famous look like she is smelling bad cheese and handed it right back to me. Thanks Mother, for the lovely blouse.

And my necklace is from a pawn shop right next door to the Brooklyn Criminal Courts. Let it be known that the best jewelry comes from people who must pawn it to keep their (alleged) criminal relatives out on bail.
BTW- Sorry I look so tired in this photo- I assure you I look more rested now- this picture is from earlier in the week


Thankfully Mother's Botox Eventually Wore Off

I was going for a look and I knew the exact look I wanted.

The look is on my mother’s face. Since I was a child playing dress up in her closet, it has always been my practice when I think an outfit is really awesome to show it to her. Her response is binary- either she makes a look like she is smelling bad cheese and I scurry off to reassess, or her head tilts, her eyebrows go up and she says “Oh, Bethann.” This is how I picked my wedding dress- watching her face as I tried on gowns until I got “the look.”

Well, this outfit got the look of approval. Mother and I were at the nail salon on Friday afternoon (see photo below) and I asked if she would mind coming over to my house and looking at an outfit I was planning to wear on Saturday night. My taste and her taste are totally different, but we “get” what each other are going for so we are good for this sort of thing.

My inspiration for this outfit, worn on Saturday night to a “Surprise” 40th party (yea right- she always wears tight white jeans and a one shoulder top to have dinner with her in laws- but don’t get me wrong, she looked hot!!), was a combination of two looks:

I liked the monochromatic look of this outfit. With tights that are an exact match the dress can be a little shorter than I usually wear because it looks like one piece- even though it isn’t. The red I can live without.

The second look is of course Karla of KARLA'S CLOSET. I picked one of her random vintage blazer with mini-dress ensembles, but she has many that are all adorable.

BTW- Wondering how I manage to work several jobs, take care of children, run a household, pamper myself and yet still look rested? I multitask.


Martini, Honey, and Don't Waste any Space with Those Olives!

I am channeling someone today… I am just not sure who.

I feel part Karen Walker, part Joan Crawford; and part Angelica Huston.
So basically, someone get me a cocktail…quick.

My top (thanks for asking) is Hanes for boys in XL. I have had it for so long, and have worn it so often, it is now Hanes for Tween Boys- perhaps Justin Bieber size.

I got on board with the whole boys undershirt as corporate wear when I did my college internship. I swear the best part of an internship is learning corporate culture. One of the women in the office, with a LARGE impeccably decorated office, was Catherine Williams. She always wore black and dark blue Armani suits with t-shirts underneath . A simple look but she always looked so put together. Such a cool vibe and age appropriate for everyone. Also, inexpensive and very comfortable.

Hope everyone is having a good week


Last Few Work Related Oufit Posts...I Can Tell I have Your Sympathy

The pants are Philippe Adec for Bergdorf Goodman and no, it was not love at first sight.

When these babies caught my attention I almost passed on them. The fabric is amazing and the workmanship is so high end, but they are very very high waisted and up until that point I had worn only low slung jeans and trousers for years, carefully perfecting the art of crouching without exposing an undergarment, collecting a rainbow of extra long tank tops. The very presence of these pants in in my closet seemed like treason.

But I understand quality so I brought them home and I can’t believe I almost didn’t. They are perfect!

They open up a whole new avenue of dressing, particularly; what to do with the assortment of adorable cropped blazers I have amassed.

Cropped blazers are an interesting animal because they are so stylish yet so elusive to coordinate anything with. With trousers they seem messy (the tops of blouses always seem to look like they are trying desperately to escape ) and with jeans they look too…Taylor Swift-ish (Is that a term?) …way too young in a direction I don’t want to go in.

But, I soon discovered, they are a perfect companion for high waisted pants, which I now have.

BTW- My students were big fans of my shoes today. One commented that they look like something Lady GaGa would wear. I am still debating whether this is a compliment.


Sum Sum Summertime...Almost

Being an academic is like being an eternal student.

September always means new pencils, notebooks and a ton of new clothes. By March I am ready for my Spring Break; 10 days where I barely get out of my pajamas and yes, drain the liquor cabinet nightly.

Well now, mid-May I am ready for summer vacation; Sun, beach, white wine…

But it is also bittersweet because the summer vacation means farewell to my work wardrobe. Imagine an entire category on hiatus (or sabbatical is it would be) for three long months.

And so, with only one week left of “work” (which I still can’t believe someone pays me to do) I am having a little harmless fashion fun with my last few "work" related outfit posts of the semester.

This is my “new” Jill Saunders skirt. It is proof that there is such a thing as “love at first sight.” Its tag said $28 but Betsy, the owner of Worth Repeating let me talk her down to $10. I seriously don’t know how the woman makes any money off me. I can’t wait until Fall to wear it with some sky high boots and cool sweaters.

My “ vest” is so sneaky. It is not a vest at all but a tank top from Old Navy, which is my wardrobe staple. I have a hundred of them. They are light so they can be layered without fear of suffocation even in late Spring.
The oxford is very shear and sleeveless, though under the "vest" it seems super conservative.

My shoes area a little scandalous too, not only because they are four and a half inch heels, but also because they are at the end of bare legs. But since the rest of my outfit is so conservative, I feel like I can look like a trollop from the knee down.

Wish me luck from underneath 120 final papers and exams to grade.


Pale and Pallor Jewish American Princess

How can I thank Pale and Pallor Princess enough for honoring me with the highly coveted Sugar Doll Award? I know, I can pay homage to her with an ensemble.

I recommend everyone dress up like Pale and Pallor Princess at least once a week as it is truly a glamous look. I feel pretty…oh so pretty.

As per the rules of the award, I am passing it on to a few lovely bloggers…but first you have to sit through ten things about me (also “as per the rules”)

1. I am a Pilates Junkie. I swear by The Method Precision Toning. Do it three times a week and your hips with thank you in a month (what’s left of them)

2. I have an unexplainable fascination with all things drag and transsexual. I must say I understand, If I was born a man I would be very jealous of all the fun females have dressing up, putting on makeup and not paying for dinner.

3. My twins are PDD- which is like “Autism lite.” If you met them you wouldn't suspect it…you’d just think they were annoying. Eventually they will annoy their friends, professors, boyfriends and husbands, but we are happy that we know they will have friends, professors, boyfriends and husbands to annoy. I still annoy my family, friends and husband every day.

4. I honestly believe my husband was created in a lab somewhere specifically for me. He is my ideal that I have talked about since I was 11 and started noticing boys.

5. I have never really gotten over River Phoenix dying.

6. I love art. I consider myself a collector. I went to Marymount Manhattan College for my undergraduate work and they require, as part of the core curriculum, an art appreciation class. I really feel confident about my ability to spot, not really valuable art, but good art- and yes there is such a thing as good art.

7. The reason I have such an eclectic style is that I learned how to dress by playing dress up in my brothers and mother’s closets as a kid. My mom was obese when I was growing up. She has since has the stomach surgery and lost over 100 pound, but when I was a kid I learned how to make a size 18 silk shirt work on a size 2 frame (lots of belts wrapped around and around me).

8. I am still bitter that Jason Castro got voted off American Idol 2 years ago.

9. The ring I am wearing in this shot was stolen accidently from target when I bought the tights. (upside down it looks like the guy from the monopoly game)
10. By hobbies include shopping for clothing and blogging (lol)

And here are the bloggers I am passing this on to…








So pass it on, but if you have a million awards and you are tired of paying them forward just know that you are great bloggers and we all appreciate your efforts


Rhoda Week Conclusion- A Mother's Day Tribute to Nancy Walker

Rhoda week concludes, not coincidentally, on Mother’s Day.

Today, as a tribute to all our mothers my outfit is inspired, not by Rhoda, but by her mother Ida Morganstern, played by Nancy Walker, Denture Wearer.

(all over NYC in the 70’s were close-up pictures of her face advertising Polygrip with the caption “Nancy Walker, Denture Wearer”)

Yes, I realize that this as a dress it is way short... too short, it would seem, for an aging actress like Nancy Walker. Yet for some unexplainable reason, Nancy Walker and her tiny elderly compatriot Ruth Gorden, had such sass… such moxie… such 4’10 98 pound frames that they were known for rocking mini mini-dresses in the 1970's.

I had to include this last shot of me as it is Mother's Day and I looking frighteningly identical to my mother in it (perhaps why that is why I have the look of fear on my face- just kidding- my mom is a lovely lady).

Happy Mother's Day Everyone


Rhoda Week Continues...A Study in Contradiction

They say variety is the spice of life. I have to take their word for it considering I have eaten the same thing for lunch for the past 18 years.

But I have decided to add some spice to my blog.

Usually I blog about taking awesome old clothing and mixing them up 2010 style. Well today, in honor of the last few hours of Rhoda week I am taking the opposite approach. Today I am wearing today’s clothes that are made to look like yesterday.

The shirt is from Mandies. Not just Mandies but a Mandies Outlet (when I go cheap I really go cheap). I snuck in there and picked it out (1.99) before the red strobe light and the sirens went off alarming the sales people that someone over the age of (gasp) 18 had entered the store.
The necklace is from Target.

The shoes are Cole Hahn and no, they are not shoes, they are clogs. And, I am proud to say they are not my only pair of clogs. In fact, I could do a whole Taylor Wears Everything Shoe Edition (see-Taylor Wears Everything: Shoes: Chapter One )style post on just my clogs.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my captivating conclusion to Rhoda Morgenstern week.


Rhoda Week Continues...Footwear

Is there any question as to what shoes were hiding under Rhoda’s wide wide palazzo pants and plaid maxi skirts? If there is one shoe that epitomizes the mid 1970’s and it’s uncomfortable yet awkwardly unstylish aesthetic it would have to be Dr. Scholl’s exercise shoe.

I am not quite sure what exercise the good doctor envisioned his market engaging in, certainly nothing that involves jumping, walking or standing, as these babies render all three not quite impossible, but unpleasant.

That said, these are my "knock off" Dr. Scholl's.
Now, I am not usually one for “knock off” anything and as you can tell simply from the logo these are not the authentic "Dr. Scholl's," but I live in these all summer every summer for the past 6 years.

You're probably thinking, “Wow, they hold up well for 6 year old, lived in, "knock off" Dr. Scholl’s.” No, these are actually my 4th and 5th pair. I keep wearing them out until they scream for mercy and rebuying them on Ebay.

You’re probably thinking, “If they are so darn uncomfortable why does she live in them?” My answer…are not the cutest "knock off" Dr. Scholl’s you have ever seen? Are you not on your way to Ebay right now to snag a pair?

My thanks to Stephanie, the wife of the best man at our wedding who introduced me to these shoes at a pool party six kids ago (three of mine and three of hers) Stephanie warns that if you find these in the high heel version be forewarned, they make you feel like a middle age house frau. Stick to the classic knock offs.


Rhoda Week Continues...Food and Exercise

With all this talk of weight management, a topic frequently on Rhoda’s mind, I decided to replace my normal diet and exercise routine this week with a more Morganstern-ian version, or one at least more indicative of the period.

My diet consists of the following

Sanka with sweet-n-Low
Half a grapefruit
½ a cup of cottage cheese.
3 cigarettes

Morning Snack
Tea with lemon
2 “Ayds” diet candies
5 cigarettes

Can of “Tab”
2 “Dexatrim” tablets
Hard boiled egg
Other half of grapefruit
Three celery stalks
7 cigarettes

Afternoon Snack
2 “Ayds” diet candies
Can of Tab
5 cigarettes

Beef patty
Previously prepared cabbage soup.
Can of Tab
Cling Peaches in light syrup.
5 cigarettes

Midnight Snack

Entire cheesecake

My normal jog and Pilates has been replaces with more appropriate faire.

50 Bicycles

(My spine began to get numb by 45-I suffer for my art)


My First Theme Week...Rhoda Morgenstern

It’s a big step…a theme week …and not one to be entered into lightly. Much like choosing a major in college, accepting a marriage proposal and finding celebrities to name children after, a theme week is a decision that one can never undo (unless of course one were to click “delete post”).

This, my first theme, was a toss-up

It was almost “Middle aged wealthy woman from the first season on Columbo whose husband either murders her or murders his mistress because all her money would go to her nere-do-well nephew upon her demise.”

Or perhaps...

“Tall chain smoking woman from Annie Hall who Woody Allen brings to the Cape to boil lobsters in an unsuccessful attempt to recreate his relationship with Annie.”

But alas I choose Rhoda Morgenstern. Which I am quite please with because She is a fun icon to channel. All three themes featured the same ensembles, but Rhoda had the best musical accompaniment.

Many thanks to Mother-in-law Annette for the scarf, nay head wrap.