Workin 9 to Noon...What a Way to Make a Living

While this ensemble may seem tame and run of the mill, I have never been a 9 to 5 girl so this is truly my version of playing dress-up, though I have worn this to lecture a few times. When hubby Doug saw me come in the room in this he did a double-take. Some men dream of French maids; others are into cheerleaders. Apparently Jewish Lawyers fantasize about working women.

This entire outfit is bought on consignment with exception of the shoes. Every year for my birthday I go to the flagship Saks and buy myself a pair of shoes and these Chanel platforms marked my 34th year oh so many years ago. The shell is part of an Anne Taylor Bolero twin set. The cropped Jacket is by a manufacturer named “Miss Me” which I have never heard of and the trousers and belt are both Gucci via Revival, Roslyn, NY.


Why Yes Maynard...I AM the Professor

This blog is by no means a “This is What I Wore Today” blog, but truth be told, this is what I wore today. I got complimented by two students too, one in each class. When an eighteen year old comments on your look at 6:30 in the morning it tends to hold credence.
I know my jeans and boots are a little snug and high, respectively, but when I go super conservative on top I go a little funky or edgy below to balance. I figure I have a few short years left before the 40-something police come and issue me a citation for such looks so I want to milk it as long as I can. Plus I am a professor...not a nun.

That said, I am sure I chose my profession based predominantly on the uniform. I weighed my options…A bit too old to get away with Maryanne’s short shorts…a bit too young to pull off Lovie Howell’s Bedazzled tunics…I’m not fat and violent, rich and stupid and I don’t play the Bongos…and sadly, they just don’t let short Jews from Long Island be Ginger, though I would have loved to go to work every day evening gowns and triple eye-lashes. So I had little options other than being the professor. Besides, I already had a bunch of blazers.

This blazer is Ralph by Ralph Lauren. I purchased it in Miami which, next to NYC is the most amazing city to consignment shop in, particularly if your taste runs a little retro like mine. My only issue is that I think the blazer is screaming for elbow patches. I am still not sure the purposes of them as a design element, but I can certainly spot when a blazer is in need of them.


1950's Typing Pool

I snuck out to Worth Repeating Too, In Glen Cove, NY a few nights ago and found this ballet inspired surplus sweater on the 5 dollar rack. Ain't it a gem? It is from Scoop and normally I do not do pink...but is from Scoop.

Now, I admit I am one of the few gals I know who is grateful for the lack of bosom genetic destiny has burdened me with (my husband does not share my gratitude). But it is outfits like this that prove me right...and don't I love to be proven right? This sweater, in color, fabric and cut, teeters on the edge of decency on someone like me... with nothing to fill it; on a more "heretitarily gifted" gal it it would cause the other women in the room to move a step closer to their men and preemptively scold them for ogling.

Originally when I spotted it I immediately though "cigarette pants" (as a former smoke I always immediately think "cigarette pants") but style maven Kelly suggested I pair it with grey and wasn't she just right on target? The retro Gray and Pink combo captures the vibe of the 1950's typing pool. I can almost smell the Gimlet.

Today's photo credits go to Hubby Doug for snapping the photo. Great work Helmut Newton.


Poolside in Vegas with Sinatra

Grandmother Mabel once told me that most women dress for other women. She found this ridiculous unless you are the sort of women who wants other women to buy you your drinks. She urged me to dress for my man. “My Man” in this case is Frank Sinatra.

Even though it is so simple, I think this is the most glamorous outfit in my repertoire. When I wear it I practically feel like a drag queen (faded work makeup not withstanding).

The pants are Philippe Adec for Bergdorf Goodman from Revival in Roslyn. They come up very high on the waist and I didn’t think I could pull them off when I first tried them on but I was talked into getting them anyway by a dear friend. She was right, as friends usually are.
The top has no label and it was from the $5 rack at Worth Repeating. I can’t resist white oxfords.
Ballet flats are Tory Burch leopard printed pony-hair Riva.

If I can’t canoodle with Frank Sinatra at least I can canoodle with Dean Martin


Ghost of Valentine Past

One of my favorite things about consignment and thrift shopping is that every piece has a story. It's not simply "it was trendy and it fit."

This red Saks Fifth Avenue blazer is a perfect example. It is actually half of a fantastic suit that does not in any way reflect my personality. The suit just does not suit. But I am a true blazer-and-jeans girl and Valentine's day and Christmas make ideal backdrops to the color.

Here is the story...I bought it way back in 1991 at Angels, one of about five consignment shops in a row on 17th Street, NYC, to wear on my first and last ever "blind date." You know how they say there is no such thing as an ungly rich man? Well, there IS such a thing as an obnoxious short one.

At least I got a great blazer out of the deal and a free dinner at the Russian Tea Room.


It's a Dress...It's a Tunic...It's Whatever you Want it to Be Tonight Honey

Today's guest model is none other than the lovely Belen, my Mother (more of a younger sister). Belen is not new to the high profile modeling circuit; In the early 60's she was a model in the garment district of Manhattan.
Belen shares my infatuation with cashmere. This cashmere piece was purchased at Next to New, in Oyster Bay, NY. She has paired it with pilazzo pants, which are so slimming for all body types but can only be pulled off by certain people, Belen being one of them.
Belen's Cardinal Style rule- "Stay away from prints. They distract from your face. Unless you are ugly and need the distraction, prints are never your friend. "


Marie Antoinette at the Jersey Shore

This tank top is having somewhat of an identity crisis.

Is it a summer top to be worn on the beach with cutoff shorts and flip flops?No, it is microfiber and it’s label urges the wearer to only let professional dry cleaners handle it’s upkeep.

Is it the top portion of a Marie Antoinette-esque gown? No, unless Her Majesty at some point had a sudden surge of exhibitionism.

The Reveal

Is there anything that a great jacket and oxford can’t make fabulous? This outfit is dressy enough for work (switching to trousers if your job frowns upon jeans) but stylish enough to make you feel like you paid a lot more than the $5 price tag.