Modern Madonna for People with Real Jobs

Here is my outfit for today. I like the juxtaposition of the longer conservative hemline with the modern edgy shoes.

Hope you like it.


Welcome to my first foray into the high tech world of multi platform posts. Aren't I so down with modern pop culture? Well, lets not jump to any conclusions until I actually figure out how to post it. LOL


What to do with the World's Ugliest Dress

I won't mention which woman in my life gifted me with the world's UGLIEST dress, but i will say that because the sheer number of women in my life who generally gift me any item of clothing they find that is under a sizes four, be it palatable or otherwise is so vast, this blog is slightly less offensive to the gifter...hopefully.

Well, this particularly gifter assured me that ALL the ladies on HSN swore up and down that the dress was adorable and would look fantastic on anyone. Additionally, they boasted, it makes the perfect gift.

BTW- If any of you happen to be in possession of a bridge that connects lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights and you are looking to unload it, I have the perfect customer.

The dress was a baby teal two piece number with a tank dress underlay and a pleated fiasco over it. I riped off the pleated top portion and VIOLA, now I have a tunic.

Today I paired it with a gap sweater, Ralph Lauren Belt, Victoria's Secret skinny jeans, American Apparel thigh high socks and Arturo Chiang boots.

Thanks HSN and Nameless Relative

I tracked down the original monstrosityon Ebay...


The Ultimate Lazy Accessory

Love this scarf, right? How could you not?

I suppose, to be perfectly honest, the laziness it is not really an intrinsic quality of the scarf per say.

So let me rephrase, the Ultimate Lazy-Girl Accessory, or as I like to call today’s menagerie of ensembles, a Progressive Outfit (not unlike a progressive dinner party for my back).

The outfit began on Saturday night when I paired this scarf, which I picked up for 2 dollars at a rummage sale (I love to rummage- it’s kind of my thang), with a brown mini dress, brown tights, a pair of kick-ass brown boots and an oversized boyfriend blazer. I didn’t take a photo but someone had a camera so at some point, if there are actually any photos me do not look like blatant marketing for the Sonoma Valley region of vineyards, or a "before" photo for the Betty Ford clinic, I will post them.

That said, Saturday didn’t end until early Sunday so the scarf never actually made it back to its home base in the closet.

Monday morning rolled around and I needed a belt for this outfit…enter scarf.

DKNY Trousers
(Did I just say trousers? A perfect match to last week’s blouse and next weeks dungarees)
Anne Klein Sweater
Jimmy Choo Pumps

Later Monday morning I was “class mommy” for Baby Dean’s co-op preschool so I paired the scarf with…

American Apparel super versatile spandex dress
Gap Granpa Sweater (Thrifted NWT)
Miss Sixty Jeans (bought in college- when Miss Sixty was a small shop in SOHO and nothing more)
Vintage Uggs (Not really vintage but super old)

Monday Evening I paired the dress with matching leggings to teach Pilates.
I have promised Sam and Carly that when they are 13 they can come to my exercise class and be my assistants.

Long Day Today- I will obviously be doing some laundry tomorrow


Put Me in, Coach...I'm Ready to Play Today

File this fantastic Coach messenger bag under "Hey, look what I got for 5 dollars at a garage sale"

I actually love coach leather products, particularly this shade of brown. it always reminds me of a catchers mitt and, need I repeat how much I likey my ball players (I refer of course to Doug and Baby Dean, who pitches lefty BTW)

Black T-Shirt(size XL)- Gap
Oxford Shirt- Anne Fontaine via Samantha's
Skirt- Banana Republic
Boots- Enzo Angionili
Bag- Coach


Baby, If You Ever Wondered Whatever Became of Me

I am truly blessed.

As a young person I followed my heart in all areas against the better judgment of just about everyone around me.

I applied for a job teaching exercise even though I had absolutely no experience and smoked a pack a day…I never ever played it safe with my clothing choices…and I majored in Communications simple because I found it interesting. Whenever anyone asked me what I planned to do with my degree I shrugged.

Now it is my job to discuss the most fascinating topics I can imagine with the one cross section of the population who have just about the same level of maturity that I have settled upon in my adulthood, college freshmen.

This week we are discussing the role media play in our creation of self. So essentially I am getting paid to to discuss Justin Beiber making out in a Honda… Snooki and my own personal use of a “Bump-it” and my favorite: Kardashian hijinx.
Onto the clothes...

Outfits like this are the reason I love Fall. I love the marriage of jeans and boots. Once you add a blazer you have a perfect seasonal, yet ageless ensemble.

I picture Loni Anderson wearing this to her job at WKRP…no wait, this outfit seems more suited to Bailey. It’s just as well; I am more of a Bailey than a Jennifer.

I can also see a video vixen cougar wearing in the 90’s…maybe not Stacy’s mom…perhaps Lindsey’s mom.

The self-scarved blouse look is still works now I think, but this blouse is from the seventies when the self-scarved blouses were new and hot and well, called blouses even by people in their 20’s.

Since Dean had school today too I decided we should dress alike. You see…ageless.


I survived…barely.

School started last week for me and the little ones. There was actually one day where all four of us were at school at the same time.


I mean I knew this day would eventually come but, much like college graduation and childbirth itself, you are never fully prepared for the wonderment of the actual event.

Doug and I are in full agreement that Dean’s education should be taken very seriously. With one week of preschool under his little belt we have already sat him down and explained the importance of picking a major early on. We are encouraging him towards Pre- Med, Pre- Law and Accountancy perhaps with a minor in Sociology so he will be able to dominate dinner parties.

I don’t usually do kids fashion on this blog but I have a specific vibe I am going for Dean this semester (do preschools have semesters? I know there is no Honor Roll…I asked) I call the look “Prep-school Pot Dealer.”

I hope nobody is offended-I assure you that my 2 year old is not dealing drugs, but the look is quite preppy for a Pizza Bagel
(He’s half Jewish and half Italian)

My classes are amazing this semester. Well, My classes are actually the same exact classes that I have been teaching forever- same syllabi, same books same jokes, but I have new students each semester and this semester they seem engaged in the subject.

This is what I wore the first day of class
Remix- nothing new

This is what I wore Friday
Ann Taylor Bolero Twin Set ($5-Worth Repeating)
Banana Republic trousers (Did I just call them Trousers?- OMG I am turning into my Mother)($5 Worth Repeating
Echo Scarf ($3 Boys and Girls Club Rummage Sale)
Gucci Belt ($25 Junior League Thrift Shop)
Chanel pumps (Saks Fifth Avenue)

And no, I don’t consider myself a label whore- I consider myself a label escort