A Less Britney Juicy

The decade: 1990's

The Vibe: Ho-Down Explosion

The Consensus: Why Britney? Why?

That said, why, when I came across this Juicy Couture denim blazer at Worth Repeating, did my heart start pumping? Just like Cindy pondering Ronald's possibilities in Can't Buy Me Love, and Terry pondering Rick's possibilities in Just One of the Guys, after a violent yet slapstick encounter in a high school cafeteria with Billy Zabka which occured in fast motion over a Oingo Boing song, I knew that with the right pants and shoes this garment could go from yesterday's well made mistake to today's adorable outfit fix.

First let me say that after all was said and done this jacket cost me 2.65 with tax.

Paired with a great pair of vintage Bergdof Goodman pedal pushers that I got from Revival, in Roslyn, and my own Prada ballet flats this outfit has an updated Audry Hepburn circa Funny Face feel don't you think?
Though I'm not daring enough for the pixie cut, if you can't go red carpet with denim (are you listening, Britney?), at least you can always go agelessly cute.


Corporate Shark Blazer

The Find

This blazer was the find of the century; a black mint condition Michael Kors. The problem is that it is so traditional and conservative it oozes a corner office and its own male assistant.

The Reveal
The obvious solution- a lace shirt, circa 1982 that I got for a steal at the Housing Works Thrift Shop on 77th and 3rd when I was in College (I volunteered there one day a week and got a 20 percent discount which made this blouse practically free) and my go-to black True Religon jeans (Which sadly, I paid retail for.) Paired with the blazer it takes on a rock star vibe. I have worn this outfit out so many times that this venue is the only one left, everyone I know it sick of it.


Jr. High School Music Teacher's Skirt

The Find

I can’t resist an animal print…and neither should you. The problem with this skirt is that is has way too much fabric for such a BOLD print. It reminds me of my Jr. High School Middle Teacher who was convinced that it was Broadway’s lose that she was teaching a bunch of 13 year olds as opposed to starring in the revival of Sunset Boulevard at the Neil Simon Theater. It is frumpy and dumpy (I think that may be redundant) and contrary to what any wearer may think, not “youthful in a sort of bohemian way.”

The Reveal

With most of the fabric gone this skirt becomes an adorable miniskirt. The shape and print make it flirty and fun...add the jacket and kicken boots it takes on a trendy vibe.

Baby Dean says "I approve!"


Pink Texas Second Wife

The Find:
This Shirt was purchased from a consignment store for me without my consent by my well meaning, but temporarily fashion blind mother. Had I seen it first i would have been insulted that she even pictured me in it.

It is fantastic quality but it's pink (A New Yorker's least favorite hue), has overtly sexually revealing gaps, and screams "Texas second wife desperately clutching her youth so the waitress at the diner doesn't become the third wife."

The Reveal

Juxtaposed between two decidedly masculine looks, a white oxford shirt and a brown corduroy blazer (both of which I bought at consignment shops for under 5 dollars each) the pink adds a much needed feminine touch. the strings make the shirt look more like a corset which adds a fun twist to a conservative look.
Goodbye Tacky Sweater Top...Hello Unique and Stylish Layer