What to do with the World's Ugliest Dress

I won't mention which woman in my life gifted me with the world's UGLIEST dress, but i will say that because the sheer number of women in my life who generally gift me any item of clothing they find that is under a sizes four, be it palatable or otherwise is so vast, this blog is slightly less offensive to the gifter...hopefully.

Well, this particularly gifter assured me that ALL the ladies on HSN swore up and down that the dress was adorable and would look fantastic on anyone. Additionally, they boasted, it makes the perfect gift.

BTW- If any of you happen to be in possession of a bridge that connects lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights and you are looking to unload it, I have the perfect customer.

The dress was a baby teal two piece number with a tank dress underlay and a pleated fiasco over it. I riped off the pleated top portion and VIOLA, now I have a tunic.

Today I paired it with a gap sweater, Ralph Lauren Belt, Victoria's Secret skinny jeans, American Apparel thigh high socks and Arturo Chiang boots.

Thanks HSN and Nameless Relative

I tracked down the original monstrosityon Ebay...