Baby, If You Ever Wondered Whatever Became of Me

I am truly blessed.

As a young person I followed my heart in all areas against the better judgment of just about everyone around me.

I applied for a job teaching exercise even though I had absolutely no experience and smoked a pack a day…I never ever played it safe with my clothing choices…and I majored in Communications simple because I found it interesting. Whenever anyone asked me what I planned to do with my degree I shrugged.

Now it is my job to discuss the most fascinating topics I can imagine with the one cross section of the population who have just about the same level of maturity that I have settled upon in my adulthood, college freshmen.

This week we are discussing the role media play in our creation of self. So essentially I am getting paid to to discuss Justin Beiber making out in a Honda… Snooki and my own personal use of a “Bump-it” and my favorite: Kardashian hijinx.
Onto the clothes...

Outfits like this are the reason I love Fall. I love the marriage of jeans and boots. Once you add a blazer you have a perfect seasonal, yet ageless ensemble.

I picture Loni Anderson wearing this to her job at WKRP…no wait, this outfit seems more suited to Bailey. It’s just as well; I am more of a Bailey than a Jennifer.

I can also see a video vixen cougar wearing in the 90’s…maybe not Stacy’s mom…perhaps Lindsey’s mom.

The self-scarved blouse look is still works now I think, but this blouse is from the seventies when the self-scarved blouses were new and hot and well, called blouses even by people in their 20’s.

Since Dean had school today too I decided we should dress alike. You see…ageless.


  1. Love that blouse! I have a tie blouse that is similar but mine is red polka dot- I prefer yours, it's lovely! That is one of my fave looks- blazer, jeans and boots. Ahhh to fit into jeans. What a lovely memory that is.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Ha! I totally get your Bailey and Loni Anderson references (god, I loved that show - I still make jokes about taping in the walls of my "office").

    Love the jeans and boots - it's a timeless look.

  3. You look fab! I love that jacket!

  4. it's great that you do what you love!!

  5. SO cute! I loved the pics of you and Dean!! And totally agree with you re jeans and boots... nothing better! You'll see I mean it if you check my post today ;)
    I'm following you and if you like my site I'd love for you to follow too :)


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