Jr. High School Music Teacher's Skirt

The Find

I can’t resist an animal print…and neither should you. The problem with this skirt is that is has way too much fabric for such a BOLD print. It reminds me of my Jr. High School Middle Teacher who was convinced that it was Broadway’s lose that she was teaching a bunch of 13 year olds as opposed to starring in the revival of Sunset Boulevard at the Neil Simon Theater. It is frumpy and dumpy (I think that may be redundant) and contrary to what any wearer may think, not “youthful in a sort of bohemian way.”

The Reveal

With most of the fabric gone this skirt becomes an adorable miniskirt. The shape and print make it flirty and fun...add the jacket and kicken boots it takes on a trendy vibe.

Baby Dean says "I approve!"

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