Pink Texas Second Wife

The Find:
This Shirt was purchased from a consignment store for me without my consent by my well meaning, but temporarily fashion blind mother. Had I seen it first i would have been insulted that she even pictured me in it.

It is fantastic quality but it's pink (A New Yorker's least favorite hue), has overtly sexually revealing gaps, and screams "Texas second wife desperately clutching her youth so the waitress at the diner doesn't become the third wife."

The Reveal

Juxtaposed between two decidedly masculine looks, a white oxford shirt and a brown corduroy blazer (both of which I bought at consignment shops for under 5 dollars each) the pink adds a much needed feminine touch. the strings make the shirt look more like a corset which adds a fun twist to a conservative look.
Goodbye Tacky Sweater Top...Hello Unique and Stylish Layer

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