A Less Britney Juicy

The decade: 1990's

The Vibe: Ho-Down Explosion

The Consensus: Why Britney? Why?

That said, why, when I came across this Juicy Couture denim blazer at Worth Repeating, did my heart start pumping? Just like Cindy pondering Ronald's possibilities in Can't Buy Me Love, and Terry pondering Rick's possibilities in Just One of the Guys, after a violent yet slapstick encounter in a high school cafeteria with Billy Zabka which occured in fast motion over a Oingo Boing song, I knew that with the right pants and shoes this garment could go from yesterday's well made mistake to today's adorable outfit fix.

First let me say that after all was said and done this jacket cost me 2.65 with tax.

Paired with a great pair of vintage Bergdof Goodman pedal pushers that I got from Revival, in Roslyn, and my own Prada ballet flats this outfit has an updated Audry Hepburn circa Funny Face feel don't you think?
Though I'm not daring enough for the pixie cut, if you can't go red carpet with denim (are you listening, Britney?), at least you can always go agelessly cute.

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