Fashion Ubiquity

I have been seeing variations of this ensemble all over town.

I saw a similar style with a longer skirt at Michael Kors at the Americana Manhasset…At Citrus, an amazing little boutique in Locust Valley the top had only one sleeve…and at Saks the frightening faceless mannequin seemed indifferent to her version, which features cigarette pants.

Fashion ubiquity scares me a little and always seems to lead me to the same thought; I had better wear this trend quick because it will be going out of style in 10 minutes.

I don’t do trends much, I much prefer styles which are more vague and open to interpretation. The Boho look is a style…Jeggings are a trend. California Casual is a style… floral rompers are a trend. Not that there is anything wrong with floral rompers and jeggings, but if I am going to invest in a fleeting trend I do have like to be mindful of the expiration date.


  1. Ah! I really love your belt!
    So quirky and cute with the little charms.
    Where in the world did you find such a thing?!

    Your ruffle top is simply gorgeous, as well!
    I've always been a "ruffle girl!"

  2. You look like a supermodel shooting editorial in these photos. And the outfit is great, too. I agree with you about trends versus styles. Right on. :)

  3. I totally agree, I only dress in trends if I like them and know I'll keep wearing them even when they are out of style
    LOVE your outfit too! :D

  4. Trends really do tend to stress me out a lot of the time. It makes me rush the present because I'm afraid I won't have ample time in the future to enjoy the outfit.

    Fabulous post as always.


  5. Trends are often hard to avoid, they seem to influence everything, and it's sometimes tricky to disearn between the ones you'll love for years and the ones you will hate in a month.

    I could see wearing that white top long after the trend passes.

  6. I like all these items separately, so I do agree that you can keep wearing them.

    I tend to avoid trends for the most part (I do almost no shopping for new clothes vs. second-hand), but if I see something trendy that fits me and suits my body, then I have no issue with buying it. And I'll wear it, regardless of the trend.

  7. I like that top, it's very sweet and summery, but I can also see it under a leather jacket looking hot! xoxo

  8. Oh, totally agreed on style vs. trend. Not only do I wear the hell out of something trendy, but I make sure I get it super cheap, too.

    That said, you look great in everything, and this look is no exception.


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