Thanks Reva

I am long overdue to pay forward compliment from the famous Reva

Reva holds the distinction, in addition to being one of the very best bloggers of vintage mixes, of having my very favorite profile icon picture. Doesn't she look so GLAM!

This award is for being versatile, which I have to admit, I am. Clothing is not like a tattoo so it is fun changing it up and playing with looks.

These are my three favorite that I have posted over the last few months.

I couldn’t come up with anything very interesting about myself because I am writing this mid- day (Baby Dean’s nap) and Ms. Hyde emerges coincidentally sometime around happy-hour, but here are a few of my favorites things...

Favorite actress- Angelia Jolie (Sorry Everyone)
Favorite TV Show (currently)– Project Runway, RuPaul’s Drag U, WEEDS
Favorite Song - Simple Man
Favorite label- Vince
Favorite scent – Kate Spade
Favorite College Professor - David Linton
Favorite Photo of me (GOD HELP ME)

And I am paying it forward to these amazing bloggers

What Andie Wears
Peanut Butter Hand Print
Schoolmarm Style: Freedom!
Closet Bliss
Beantown Fashionista


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