Don't Tell My Husband, Please

I am not as good of a wife as my husband thinks I am.

As horrifying backwards and 1950’s as it may be, it really is somewhat of an act.

He thinks I am a culinary genius but really I just specialize in foods that fill the house with scent. I make roasted chicken and meatloaf and oven potatoes.

He thinks the house is always tiny…a half hour before he is due home I play an episode of the Electric Company for the kids and scurry around the house frantically straightening as much as I can. I then brush my hair and put on tinted lip balm (I don’t want to look too contrived).

Oh yea, I also dress for him constantly, just like our first date where I was so excited that I went and bought an entire new outfit (yes, entire) and when we moved in together I threw out my grandma looking pajamas and filled my brand new very own drawer with cute boy shorts and camis.

Now that I know him 13 years worth I am much better at figuring out what he likes, even better than him sometimes.
This outfit he loves. I knew he would when I saw it in a magazine. He likes women in dresses but he doesn’t like dresses that are too frilly, like a doll. The look he likes, by his own admission, is “sharp” which I think this dress is. I am really excited that the upcoming season seems to be featuring a lot of “sharp” looks. I have noticed a lot more camel separates and menswear tailoring.

In case you are interested, I won this dress on Ebay for 12.00. The belt is from the salvation, 1.75. I don’t know what army was previously wearing this belt, but they must have been very stylish.


  1. That's definitely a sharp looking dress! I think it's wonderful that you dress for your husband after all these years. :)

  2. 'Very sneaky, style maven! And your secondhand finds continue to amaze.

  3. Great dress! I think it is hugely important to dress for your partner, especially after being together for so long. I make an effort to not hang out in ugly, ripped or stained clothes - why should only strangers and coworkers see me at my best?

    I've been married 13 years too. :)

  4. Great dress- both style AND price! You look fabulous (as always).

  5. What a cute post about your husband and your dressing up! I love that after the years you still make yourself up for him! awe so cute! So many people just get lazy and give up after they get married. I love to see that glamour only gets better with time -even if we have to trick them into thinking we always look fabulous!

  6. Love this post! I can totally related. This dress is cute - my husband loves button up dress and shirts also, must be the whole woman wearin his clothes thing ...

  7. Woman - check this out: http://corporette.com/2010/08/03/coffee-break-vintage-waist-belt/! Corporette totally copied your look! You are soooooo famous on the internet.

  8. It really is the exact same look. I am sooooooo super famous. Would anyone like to buy my autograph or perhaps touch the hem of my garment?

  9. WOW! Fabulous outfit!! Love it! And sure I'll take an autograph =)

  10. What a lovely outfit. You are too cute. It sounds like we have the same "dad's coming home" routine :)

  11. This was such a brilliantly written post. You're awesome!!! I love everything this blog is about.

    By the way, I love your outfit too!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,



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