1950's Typing Pool

I snuck out to Worth Repeating Too, In Glen Cove, NY a few nights ago and found this ballet inspired surplus sweater on the 5 dollar rack. Ain't it a gem? It is from Scoop and normally I do not do pink...but is from Scoop.

Now, I admit I am one of the few gals I know who is grateful for the lack of bosom genetic destiny has burdened me with (my husband does not share my gratitude). But it is outfits like this that prove me right...and don't I love to be proven right? This sweater, in color, fabric and cut, teeters on the edge of decency on someone like me... with nothing to fill it; on a more "heretitarily gifted" gal it it would cause the other women in the room to move a step closer to their men and preemptively scold them for ogling.

Originally when I spotted it I immediately though "cigarette pants" (as a former smoke I always immediately think "cigarette pants") but style maven Kelly suggested I pair it with grey and wasn't she just right on target? The retro Gray and Pink combo captures the vibe of the 1950's typing pool. I can almost smell the Gimlet.

Today's photo credits go to Hubby Doug for snapping the photo. Great work Helmut Newton.

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