Why Yes Maynard...I AM the Professor

This blog is by no means a “This is What I Wore Today” blog, but truth be told, this is what I wore today. I got complimented by two students too, one in each class. When an eighteen year old comments on your look at 6:30 in the morning it tends to hold credence.
I know my jeans and boots are a little snug and high, respectively, but when I go super conservative on top I go a little funky or edgy below to balance. I figure I have a few short years left before the 40-something police come and issue me a citation for such looks so I want to milk it as long as I can. Plus I am a professor...not a nun.

That said, I am sure I chose my profession based predominantly on the uniform. I weighed my options…A bit too old to get away with Maryanne’s short shorts…a bit too young to pull off Lovie Howell’s Bedazzled tunics…I’m not fat and violent, rich and stupid and I don’t play the Bongos…and sadly, they just don’t let short Jews from Long Island be Ginger, though I would have loved to go to work every day evening gowns and triple eye-lashes. So I had little options other than being the professor. Besides, I already had a bunch of blazers.

This blazer is Ralph by Ralph Lauren. I purchased it in Miami which, next to NYC is the most amazing city to consignment shop in, particularly if your taste runs a little retro like mine. My only issue is that I think the blazer is screaming for elbow patches. I am still not sure the purposes of them as a design element, but I can certainly spot when a blazer is in need of them.


  1. You look stunning. Oh and I agree. I'm taking on 40 this year myself. If and eighteen yr old is complimenting the look -it does hold some weight!

  2. I just checked out your blog! And I love mid-century modern, too! We're kindred spirits! Just a thrifty comment....I'll post something on my blog later about this... bought a great mid-century Lane Eames-ish coffee table at Goodwill for $20 and saw the same exact thing at a shi-shi store in Portland vintage store for $625!!!! There's so much great mid-century stuff to be found! Edith Heath's a fave too. Check her out!

  3. Thank you so much, TS. It's so weird to have all my collegues all be teenagers. And since it is a class on Communication they feel even more at ease opening up their opinions. By the way, If my forties are as fun as my thirties bring it on!
    Mary, I am always so happy to find other mid century modern fans out there. I could do a whole other blog on the subject but my husband says he is sick of coming home and finding more furniture. Last month I got a fantastic end table at a flea market for 3.00 that I saw on Ebay the next day for 280.00!!! You can see some of my furniture in some of the house shots.


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