Ghost of Valentine Past

One of my favorite things about consignment and thrift shopping is that every piece has a story. It's not simply "it was trendy and it fit."

This red Saks Fifth Avenue blazer is a perfect example. It is actually half of a fantastic suit that does not in any way reflect my personality. The suit just does not suit. But I am a true blazer-and-jeans girl and Valentine's day and Christmas make ideal backdrops to the color.

Here is the story...I bought it way back in 1991 at Angels, one of about five consignment shops in a row on 17th Street, NYC, to wear on my first and last ever "blind date." You know how they say there is no such thing as an ungly rich man? Well, there IS such a thing as an obnoxious short one.

At least I got a great blazer out of the deal and a free dinner at the Russian Tea Room.


  1. That blazer is adorable! Love the red. You look great in it. You Go girl!

  2. Thank you so much. I'm not usually a red person, that's why I love Valentine's Day and Christmas.I feel liek I can get away with the bold color!

  3. Thanks for coming by. I was feeling sad with no comments, you made my day.
    Cute blog you have here. I think you would look nice in anything you put on, but you have a great eye for nice pieces!


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