Workin 9 to Noon...What a Way to Make a Living

While this ensemble may seem tame and run of the mill, I have never been a 9 to 5 girl so this is truly my version of playing dress-up, though I have worn this to lecture a few times. When hubby Doug saw me come in the room in this he did a double-take. Some men dream of French maids; others are into cheerleaders. Apparently Jewish Lawyers fantasize about working women.

This entire outfit is bought on consignment with exception of the shoes. Every year for my birthday I go to the flagship Saks and buy myself a pair of shoes and these Chanel platforms marked my 34th year oh so many years ago. The shell is part of an Anne Taylor Bolero twin set. The cropped Jacket is by a manufacturer named “Miss Me” which I have never heard of and the trousers and belt are both Gucci via Revival, Roslyn, NY.

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  1. Even though I can barely see them, I can tell that I love your shoes! Also, thanks for the consignment shop tips. Unfortunately, the weekend was packed and I didn't get to make it to your suggestions. I guess I'll have to try them next time!



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