You Might Vant to Smooze with My Aunt Hilda

Still puffy from antibiotics for my extracted tooth and woozy from pain medication, I was again gifted by the world’s foremost hoarder who coincidently lives in the apartment in my basement and gave birth to my husband in the autumn after the “Summer of Love”(would that make it the "Fall of Love"??)

Today’s treasure: braided leather belt formerly owned by her ex-husband, Doug’s father.

I thought it had a very boho vibe (or is that the hydrocodone talking?) so I paired it with my trusty (and forgiving) Abercrombie shorts, a brown tank and an off white Shmate.

For those of you who don’t know Yiddish I provide the following definition...

Shmate: A rag; a worthless anything, usually a piece of clothing; You're not planning on going out in that Shmate, are you? Oy Vey.

So now if you are ever magically transported to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, circa 1912, you’ll know the language.


  1. these shorts are perfect and the tie skirt is too adorable!!! Thanks so much for your support and for being such a great blog buddie! I may not comment as often as I'd like to, but I will try to get better :) Your blog is really great and I love your style!

  2. You look so awesome in this outfit, Beth. Sorry to hear about your tooth - yikes.

    Love the Yiddish!

  3. Awh, I hope your tooth gets better!
    Eat ice cream to numb the pain and enjoy yourself hehe.
    And if it's any consolation, you look adorable ( as you always do)!
    Your shrug looks as pretty as could be, and may I guess is it thrifted...?

  4. I have horrible back teeth as a result to an Atomic Fireball addiction in college. As far as addictions go, it is a relatively innocuous one so I can't complain.

    The shug is very thrifted. It doesn't even have a tag. And I am not sure why, but it seems to go with everything; dresses, jeans, cargo pants, leggings. Best 5 dollars I have ever spent

  5. I love Yiddish words! Schmate has always been a favorite. Sorry to hear about your tooth; which reminds me that I am way overdue for a trip to the dentist.
    Happy Friday!

  6. You look great despite your tooth pain. I hope you're catching up on silly TV movies. :)

  7. digging the sandals and braided belts are amazing


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