I recently had a tete-a-tete with the devil and SHE assured me that for the mere price of my soul (or what is left of it) I will indeed come back to this great Earth as Eartha Kitt. Word has apparently gotten out about this transaction as I have just been booked for a three night stint at the Carlyle in May (two drink minimum if you are planning to attend.)

This jacket is down payment on the offer.

Actually, this jacket is a hand-me-down…the ultimate in refashioning-recycling-reusing. Three or four times per year for the past 14 years my mother-in-law enters my home with some sort of fabulous trinket that she no longer wears. Sometimes its jewelry, sometimes shoes, sometimes clothing. Lucky for me she was exactly my size when she was my age but lived a much more exciting life than I do. It is said that her ex-hubby (my children’s grandfather) used to take her to the Copocabana through the kitchen just like Henry Hill did in Goodfellas!!!!

So this year’s first quarter trinket was this fantastic leopard printed coat. This is one of those items wherein it does not matter what you pair it with as long as you have an attitude, yet donning the garment itself one cannot help but feel super glamorous. It is fabulous attitude laden glamour circle.

Now Bring Me My Damn Martini!

The Famous Couple and my super cute Hubby


  1. You look so glamourous in that coat! What a lucky girl! The lining is as incredible as the fur--TOTALLY eartha kitt.

  2. What a gorgeous coat. I have two in that animal print, both vintage. I am greedy.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. Thanks guys. I can't resist animal print. It's perfect and appropriate for all ages. Plus it is feminine but not so frilly that it makes a gal look high maintenance.


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