It's a family Affair

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of my favorite perks about being married to Doug is that his mother randomly (and frequently) gifts me with the coolest stuff from when she was my age. I swear the woman must have spent the entire decades of her 20’s and 30’s shopping.
This outfit is comprised of many such treasures.

Check out these boots. They are spring boots made from linen of some sort. So cute and so current.

The belt is not even from Mother-in-law’s collection, it is from Doug’s late father. He apparently had more clothing than his mother and spent twice as long “dressing.”

The purse is Gucci. I am in love with it. I bought it on Ebay, several years after I fell in love with it because I am patient and once I fall in love I NEVER fall out(thus Doug and I’s 9 year engagement).

And is that a sweater set? Why, yes it is. This is my one and only sweater set.

Someday I will pass all this on to Baby Dean's wife...that undeserving gold digging bitch.


  1. Love the boots and the bag, lol and you. That last part made me laugh.

  2. "gold digging bitch?!" too funny. let's hope not!

  3. omg that outfit is adorable!! I love it!!

  4. This outfit is cool!
    You in-laws have great taste!
    Ooo Dean's wife is goung to be so mad at you some day! LOL

  5. Someday I will pass all this on to Baby Dean's wife...that undeserving gold digging bitch.

    hahahahah you're too funny!

  6. Hey I'd like to thank you so very, very much for starting to follow my blog! You are my 18th follower, 18 is my lucky number!

    Thanks so much for leaving the sweet comment, too. It was much apprciated!

    You have such a funny and cute blog! I really enjoy reading your posts: you're hilarious... and you have great style!

  7. Wow, how cool that your in laws have cool clothes. I LOVE the bag. I have a similar affair going with a Burberry that is now almost within my budget. Maybe next year! I too am patient, lol.

    That last part is hilarious, btw.

  8. what??? those boots are HOT! Lucky you!!!!

  9. Great post, just found this blog!

    P.S. Gave my blog a make over, hope you like it :)

    D E G A I N E


  10. oh girl, let me know how it works out! I have done the same thing ... with a dress on clearance at VS! Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. : )

  11. That last line made me LOL!


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