I'm Sorry "Fashion Butter" - My Karma Runneth Dry

My fashion karma runneth out. It was bound to happen; I'm not that nice of a person. Sure I'm quick with a joke and a light of a smoke, but there's always someplace that I'd rather be.

Sadly, the karma train dumped me off right at this exquisite dress. I saw it on Fashion Butter (You'd be Fashion Budda if you were a New Yorker) and I fell so deeply in love with it that I ordered it before I got up from the computer. Honestly, everything this woman puts on her back is so amazing. I have become such a big fan.

But I knew I was going to have it tailored. I have no place to wear a floor length Grecian Goddess dress but a hundred places to wear a mid-thigh Grecian Goddess dress.

Sadly, what I got back from my assy tailor is this Grecian Goddess shirt.

I still like it, I wore it for my anniversary dinner with the Man, but I almost cried when I saw what those butchers did to it.

I am contemplating ordering it again and having my mother do the hem by hand. I know I can trust her to do a good job as long as I promise to tell everyone who compliments me on it that she is such a fantastic seamstress and a credit to the community.

(The corner of the hopscotch board makes this shot so romantic, don't you think?)


  1. Oh beth, you are such a sweetheart! I actually was wondering yesterday if the dress ever made it to you!

    Well, I love it as a shirt and you are rocking it hard. But maybe you could still salvage it as sort of a mock dress form time to time - maybe wear a really fitted short black skirt underneath? Could create an interesting shape ....

    I am pretty sure mine will end up shorter someday ... I get the hemming itch a lot. : )


  2. You are a great looking couple! I love the shirt. Go ahead, buy another one. It's the smart thing to do.

  3. You are so gorgeous! You two make such a lovely couple!


  4. Even though it is not what you wanted, it is still GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Sorry it's not what you wanted, but it still looks great.

  6. It probably doesn't make you feel better, but it still looks amazing. And you also have an excuse to buy another one now - win-win :)

  7. You'll get more wear out of it as a shirt!
    I love it!

  8. Your top is so cute! ♥♥

  9. awe what a cute pic of you two! That really bites about the tailor!! hope you didn't pay for the services did you? xoxo


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