Once a Rebel... Always a Rebel

I have a colorful history of harmless, yet blatant disregard for advice. Before I got married Mother gave me the following words of wisdom, '"Never take anyone's advice on love. What the hell do they know?"

I hate to admit it, but I had already lived by that credo for decades.

Against my girlfriends' advice, I dated the Frat boy with the harem; against my college adviser's advice I took Film History II even though I had already taken Film History I which satisfied the requirement and against EVERYONE'S advice I bought a vintage Italian deco bedroom set off of Ebay.

How ironic that I received this note from Mother when I picked up this dress floral dress that I asked her to hem for me. (Weinberg is her first husband...The Belenwood Inn is the hotel she conned my father into buying, and then naming after her)

Luckily I always heed Mother's advice and I ignored her. I love this dress. I bought it during our trip to to Manhattan for Fleet Week at Housing Works Thrift Shop on 78th and 3rd. It cost $7.50. I think it will be cute in the fall with leggings and boots and a certain denim jacket that is sick and tired of constantly being singled out and flaunted like a prized pony.

It is also the perfect dress to accept an award or two...

The first is the Sunshine award from Cosmetics Chick Chat. I know clothes and God help my husband I sure know shoes...but I know nothing about makeup. This chic helps me out.

The second is the Stylish Blogger Award from THELOOKING _GLASS,who actually had my favorite Carly Simon song on when I created this link. Just a warning, someday I am going to show up at your doorstep with a bottle of vodka and a box of shoes.

In true custom I am sharing 5 more fascinating facts about myself

1) My celebrity crush is Elizabeth Hurley.

2) When I really like a movie I HAVE to see it every time it is on TV- I simply can not turn it off - Even when it is on TBS and they cut out half of the dialogue (My top three are Titanic, Boogie Nights and Requiem for a Dream) Though Citizen Kane is, of course, my favorite movie of all time.

3) My next child will be named Frank Sinatra if he is a boy and Lena Horne if she is a girl.

4) My new guilty pleasure is "Khloe and Courtney Take Miami" - and yes, Ironically I want to step in and give them life advice.

5. My favorite scent is low tide....Yuck, I know.

and I am passing these awards on to the following sensational bloggers (you all have won two awards in one shot)

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  1. It's a good thing you bought the dress. Not only was it a good deal, but you also look great in it. It shows off your great legs and fun personality.

    Also, thanks a bunch for passing on the awards to me. I loved your fun facts. One of my favorite movies is also Requiem for a Dream, though I don't watch it often because it's so intense.

    Congrats on the awards!

  2. I like that dress! The note from your mom is very funny, and very much like something my mom would leave for me.

  3. OMG- Thank you! I actually ADORE your floral dress. And that letter is hilarious. You seriously crack me up!

  4. Holy crap, I'm on that list! Thanks!

    Your mom's letter is hilarious! She sounds like a hoot.

    The dress is totally cute, and you look great in it.

  5. That dress is great!!!

    And my name is Lena in Russian! :)


  6. Hey Beth, thanks for the awards :)
    BTW, I love the dress even if it is flammable.

  7. Congrats on the awards! They are well-deserved :-)

    Have a fab weekend!

  8. That letter from your mom is too cute!! LOL and so is the dress!1

  9. You are so rockin the romper and the floral one ,too!!! Love the note from your MOM !!!!!
    I was gonna hit ya with the Stylish Blogger Award, but ya already have it :) Thanks for all your support!!!!


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