Fleet Week NYC - Toddler Fashion Remix

Do you believe in Dressing Destiny?
Fashion Fate?
Couture Karma?
Three Facts to Consider?

1) Baby Dean turned 2 on Monday

2) Hubby said I am not allowed to dress Baby Dean up like a sailor past his second birthday unless, of course, he actually joins the Navy.

3) Fleet Week in New York City officially ended ON Baby Dean’s 2nd Birthday.


  1. Oh my goodness how cute!!
    Lottie x

  2. How very, very perfect - and super-cute. As is your fantastic ensemble, complete with super-hot yellow espadrille wedges. 'Love 'em!

  3. Ha- you noticed the shoes. Glad you like them. They are coach from forever ago. I love them but they turn my toenails yellow. I can only wear them the day before a pedicure.

  4. What a cute bunch! and that's funny about the sailor clothes!! xoxo

  5. Cuteness ahoy! (see what I did there?)

  6. Ha, so so so so so cute, all three of them. (And you too!)

  7. I love the sailor dresses, they can wear them forever! Just think over the knee socks and spectator high heels.
    I'm with Hubby Dean's cut off.
    China Glaze nail polish has an amazing shade of Yellow.. You'll get more use out of those babies if you match your toes to your shoes, Wahoo!

  8. Just found your blog via The Looking Glass (via the Clothes Coquette) and thought you might be interested in my blog--lots of refashions, style, etc.

    Stop by some time:


  9. This is the cutest post! I love the matching outfits. :)

  10. I, too, am a huge fan of those shoes. And the sailor dresses and outfit on Baby Dean are all precious!

  11. Aww loving the sailor outfits and your shorts are cute too :D

    Sal xXx


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