It's Story Time Boys and Girls...My First Time

Do you remember your first time? I remember mine. It was for Tara and Anthony in 1995.

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter people. I am talking about your first adult dress-up function. Your first “ ______ and guest.”

Dorky Medievalist…and Guest
Pale and Pallor Princess…and Guest
Style the New Black…and Guest.
Someone Like you…and Guest
Looking Glass Vintage…and Guest
Vintage Christine…and Guest

I was a 23 year old student living in Manhattan when I got the invite. I decided to take a guy I had recently begun dating; a totally hot bartender who had just finished law school (I eventually married him).

The first grown up event, not a prom, college formal or family event, is an exciting fashion event. I wanted something really sophisticated.

I found this dress in a little shop on Lexington Avenue. The designer is Dutchess and the fabric was a sumptuous silk. They carried it in every color and in both long and short lengths, and even though I was in love with the long version, I settled on the short version assuming, quite correctly, that I would get more use out of it than the longer, more “adult “version, particularly for an immature 23 year old. Plus the longer version was outrageously out of my price.

I fell head over heels for the dress though. I didn’t put it on layaway because when I inquired about doing so the saleslady laughed heartily, but I saved up for it and visited it often. And, to my delight, nobody bought it out from under me because, again, I have fantastic fashion karma.

So I wore this dress to several weddings and cocktail parties and eventually bought it in light green and had it made in mauve when I was the Maid of Honor at my older brother’s wedding. But still the longer version haunted me over the years, particularly when those two little words popped up embossed at the end of an invite…Black Tie.

Well, a few Saturdays ago I was jogging/garage saleing around town with Carly in the stroller and what caught my eye in a pile of discarded clothing, but the unmistakable fabric of a Dutchess creation. Upon further inspection I discovered that it was my dress…the long version…in black for $10.00.

Karma, you missed the 10 years that found my mailbox filled to capacity every season with wedding invites, but there are still a few single hold outs among my friends and who knows, maybe I will have some other reason to wear a full length silk gown with tails.

I’m ready Karma.


  1. Hello, that's one classy dress!
    No sense waiting for the invite, create an event.
    Where and when are you throwing that black tie cocktail party?
    Karma calling!

  2. wow, you look hot in both versions! Love the long version especially.

  3. Gosh, that's such an amazing story!
    I'm sure that's one time that you welcomed karma with open arms..ha!

    The dress is really beautiful though... I'm such a sucker for long dresses! Fancy dresses, formal dresses, maxi dresses, you name it! Full length dresses make any girl feel like a queen.

    I can't wait until my first "adult dress up function!" It might be awhile away, but at least I get to ogle at your outfits you get to wear to fancy events!

  4. It's gorgeous on you! What a great find, I am tres jealous, what amazing thrifting luck!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. I can't believe you found it for ten bucks! Your fashion karma is crazy good. And the others are right: you're rocking both lengths.

  6. WOW! that's a find. love the back

  7. Seriously-you do have amazing "fashion luck" and the ability to make anything look great!

  8. Oh wow. I love love love the back. :)

  9. Wow, I am impressed that you can fit in a dress you wore at 23! I know I can't, and I never had kids!

    They are both lovely, and you look great in them!

  10. Go over to my blog for a little surprise...! :D

  11. I love this story and this dress. I can see why it haunted you for so many years...Yea for fashion karma!

  12. I love the idea of tails on a dress. It's really elegant, and looks fun to wear too. Very stylin', hope an invitation arrives soon!

  13. ahhh.. i love it! and your back looks amazing in it! wow.


  14. I love reading the story behind the clothes. You're gorgeous in all these pictures! ♥♥

  15. Wow how lucky is that, that it just turned up in a garage sale!!

    I agree you should have your own party and wear it anyway :D

    Sal xXx


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