An Angel's Smile is What You Sell

This morning’s shots came out wonderfully gauzy. Perhaps it was the morning mist; perhaps my Krodachrome was unintentionally set to one of those artsy settings (I don’t know my way around a camera as well as some of you) or perhaps we can simply chalk it up to a dirty lens. But for whatever reason, today’s photos came out incredibly ethereal, almost angelic.

How Ironic, no? Particularly juxtaposed with the ensemble which includes, yes, a flesh colored spandex mini-dress.
This garment reeks of sin. It seems more suited to the backstage of a Bon Jovi concert circa 1986 or perhaps Whitesnake. I am still not sure what possessed me to purchase it, but I recall an early morning trip to the mall with Baby Dean, so early in fact that the only people there we me, various mall workers and a dozen or so senior citizens in sweat suits and Reeboks. I was on a mission. My mission: a flesh colored spandex mini-dress from American Apparel. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it came to me in a dream.
Well, this garment, as trashy and taboo as it threatens to be, has become a staple. I wear it as a shirt. I wear it as a spanx substitute. I wear it with leggings to teach Pilates in...anything but its original intention, a mini-dress, which even in 1986, as a teen, i would not have worn (I was note the jean shorts and bells around my ankle type). Here I am wearing it as a tunic with vintage shorts and a thrifted bolero jacket by Kimchi and Blue.

Note: If you are reading this, Jon Bon Jovi, I apologize but you have lost your chance with me. Even as I write this I can’t believe the words are coming out me but I AM COMPLETELY OVER YOU! I no longer sleep in a room whose walls are plastered with your face, I no longer write:

Beth Bon Jovi
Mrs. Bon Jovi
Mrs. Jon Bon Jovi
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Bon Jovi

on my notebooks and I am not even sure where my denim jacket with the airbrushed logo of your Slippery When Wet album has landed.


  1. OMG, your note at the end makes me LAUGH!

  2. You look great dressed as a sinner! ;)

    Love the note at the end.

  3. I remember when he guest starred on Ally McBeal. It was towards the end of the show when she started to be more of a normal person and was capable of sustaining a healthy relationship (all signs the show was coming to an end). Anyway, even then I was so envious of Calista Flockhart when she got to play opposite him. JBJ- if you are reading THIS, I am NOT yet over you. Call me. :)

  4. I've been craving a bolero jacket for so long and yours is so cute!

    thanks for your comments!


  5. I had a door size poster of Jon. Love him.
    Pretty picture!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Purseapalooza giveaway

  6. Ha! I crushed on Andy Gibb back in the 70s (I was like 12). I kissed his lips off a poster I had.

    I love the picture of the pool.

  7. "one of those artsy settings." I am with you there. My camera and I are friends, but we really don't understand each other.

  8. hahaha! your little jacket looks so cute! adorable blog

    Come enter my blog giveaway to win a See by Chloe purse if you like! xxx

  9. Okay but you are rocking that dress/tank/whatever. By the way, thanks for getting Kodachrome stuck in my head. Not Bon Jovi, but Simon and Garfunkle. Yeah, thanks.


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