Double Date with a "J & J"

J is such a magical letter. Inclusion into the club is so guarded that it seems that people blessed with the monogram only fraternize within the tribe.

Take my best friend since 7th grade, Jessica: She dated Jeff and when that didn’t work out she dated John. John’s predecessor was Jamie, who she had a baby with, Jade.

John, Jessica’s ex, who I love as much as Jessica and who I still invite to all my parties simply as a representative of my teen years so that my current crop of friends are fooled into thinking I was somewhat normal during the years between 1985 and 1992, married Jennifer.

But it doesn’t end there; another John we know married Jodi, Jed married Jackie (and begot Jenna and Jake) and Cousin Jack married Jessica.

Of course one my absolute favorite J & J couples are featured in today’s blog entry.

Jen is the auteur of Fit Chick 365 be fit. feel great. look fabulous and Jared and I share the same bibliography.

But Jared and Jen are much cooler than Doug and I because they did not sell their souls to the suburban devil when the kids landed.

This is their rooftop playroom (adult playroom- no fisher price toys randomly going off in the middle of the night in this playroom). You can see the Brooklyn Bridge and teh Empire States Building like it is right in front of you.
It is so cool that even if they weren’t awesome conversationalists with a well stocked bar we would still use them for the view.


Top- Superbly versatile but inappropriate to wear on its own American Apparel Spandex Minidress
Cargo Pants- American Rags via garage sale ($2.00)
Shoes – Saks Fifth Avenue house brand
Purse – Carla Mancini – Worth Repeating


  1. What fun! Your shoes are so cute-as usual:)

  2. Love the shoes & the clutch! You look amazing :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. You look great, as always!

    I know a guy who owns a boat called "Five Js" - which refers to him, his wife, and their 3 kids.

  4. terrific cargos and the shoes, oh my!!!!
    Love em'! I tagged u for an award if you'd like to pick it up ;)

  5. haha love all of the j's!!

    and your outfit is so cute! the shoes are adorable!

  6. cute blog

    as if u have so many J's lol

    also i have that aa dress - it's amazing, so versatile!!!

  7. The shoes are perfect for when I am too caught up for a pedi!!!!!

  8. Such clever writing!
    It took a few times for my slow brain to comprehend and get all the "J's" straight, but I eventually got it!

    Gorgeous shoes, as always! Man would I love to see inside your shoe closet...

    P.S. Like Reva I also gave you a little ole award over at my blog :)


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