Photo Credits - Sam Malone

Today’s photo credits go to the incomparable Sam Malone, four years old, my oldest daughter.

She is tough to work with…temperamental artist type. She has a vision and if you as her subject, have been lucky enough to be selected by her keen eye to be a part of that vision you had better know how to close your mouth and follow orders because there are a million other mommies just like you in this town who would sell their soul to the devil to work with her.

Get on Ms. Malone’s bad side and believe you me you will NEVER work in this town again, in front of the camera or behind.

Now will someone get me my F&%ken sippy cup?


  1. Fabulous! She is a visionary in the making. Love the flowy skirt.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Purseapalooza giveaway

  2. Clearly, Malone is an artiste as she's captured you perfectly here. We should all be so lucky for the opportunity to work with such talent.

    Also, this outfit is to die. To. Die. LOVE the belt, especially, but it's all exquisite.

  3. Beth, that skirt is to die for!
    I love the tiers and the color palette.
    Ms. Malone is a cutey putootey!

  4. That's hysterical. I love it! Can't wait until mine is old enough to take my pictures. :)

    You look lovely in that outfit, too!

  5. You do the boho look flawlessly. You are a true artist with that period. Love it.

  6. You look perfect, loving the skirt! Sam Malone is as cute as her mother.
    Thanks for popping over and making me smile.

  7. OMG love that skirt. This post was so cute!

  8. How much does Ms. Malone charge an hour...?
    I just simply must have her start doing my photos!

    Such a beautiful, colorful, summery skirt. It looks fantastic on you!

  9. cute colors on this outfit (:

  10. this outfit is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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