Here's to You Mr. Robinson

Yesterday marked the 63rd anniversary of Jackie Robinson metaphorically whacking that athletic color barrier with his trusty Louisville Slugger.

Today I am honoring this moment history as it encompasses many of my favorite elements:

1) Baseball Players (Yum);
2) Recognizing when a rule is asinine and changing it, as opposed to just breaking it;
3) Brooklyn (Go Brooklyn…go Brooklyn).

I am from Brooklyn. Yup…I’m a Brooklyn girl.
Right now my brothers and my husband are laughing (of course they are…all three were born in Queens). I always maintained that I am from Brooklyn, even though I only lived there for a mere 6 months (my first 6 months) and they all think I am absolutely ridiculous for the claim.

But I was born in Brooklyn and I think that accounts for something. So in honor of Jackie Robinson and by far my favorite borough I drink a glass (or three) and give you this short list of great things that were also born in Brooklyn:

Juniors Cheesecake
The Beastie Boys
The Country’s first Suspension Bridge
Spike Lee
Peter Lugers Steakhouse
Woody Allen
The Country's oldest still functioning (poorly) rollercoaster
Nathan’s Famous Franks
Hurbert Shelby Jr.
Issac Mizrahi

This is my outfit today. It has nothing to do with Jackie Robinson or Brooklyn but I thought it was cute. I will be blogging about my knock-off Dr. Scholls soon.


  1. Such a nice post! And I am from Jackson Heights...

  2. What a classic look, the Brooklyn T shirt as well. ;0

  3. My dad went to Brooklyn College so when I went there a few years ago for a lecture I outfited everyone in t-shirts. I am a sucker for iconic college shirts

  4. Hey Beth! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You look so young to have those three children! I need to motivate myself to exercise, good for you at actually doing it. Maybe if I put it on one of my lists?? LOL


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