I see London...I see France

Ahhh the change of seasons. I am going through an interesting fashion phase this season. I am calling it the “Vintage Lingerie” look. Hubby says it suites me…of course he does.

The concept stems from another one of my theories about men and that is the following: men like to see women in their underwear. This is not an academic theory derived through evenings of combing massive volumes of empirical literature; no, I came up with this theory in Jr. High school while watching the movie Porkies II with my older brothers.

Men like to see women, of all ages, shapes and sizes, wearing undergarments. The undergarments need not be current, they just need to possess that inherent naughtiness that only true undergarments can.

This theory has informed my spring shopping tremendously.

This little number is from Old Navy of all places. I believe it is pajamas or shall I say, I assume it is pajamas.

This little lace bolero jacket is from Worth Repeating. It seems to have originally been a lace table runner but someone had the where-with –all to turn it in to an accessory. It came into my possession less than a week ago ($12) and I have worn it four times.

This is from a company called BB Dakota. It was NWT on Ebay so I couldn't’t resist putting in a $20 bid. (and that is my 4 year old daughter Carly's thumb in the shot)


  1. Haha- hilarious. You are right that it doesn't take a lot to figure out that men like women in lingerie. They are somewhat simple when it comes to certain topics. lol

  2. A white v neck T shirt constitutes lingerie in my house...
    Naughty? hmm depends

  3. Beth,
    I know your busy, but come on let's read another post, how's that for Snarky?

  4. Me? Busy? 3 kids, 5 jobs and internet super stardom...tons of free time!!!


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