What I Didn't Wear on Saturday

This past Saturday night I had a girls night out at a swanky restaurant where the beautiful people go to apparently dine on miniscule portions of mediocre fair, drink watered down versions of popular libations and revel in their beauty. Saturday afternoon my friend Karen (who didn’t even end up coming out with us) asked me to email her a photo of what I was planning to wear. So here it is…what I was planning to wear.

Well, Hubby’s response convinced me to rethink this outfit. In all fairness he was responding to the question, “Do you think this top is too revealing?” and as the steam about to emit from his ears was visible, audible and olfactoral I answered my own question and scurried back to my closet and found a more appropriate top.

Hubby has “approved” this ensemble for general viewing this coming Saturday, when we are going out to dinner with a group of five other couples, the wives of whom this outfit seems tame in comparison.

Disclaimer: Hubby is not some weird control freak who tells me what to wear and what not to wear. I asked…he responded (non-verbally)…I respected his opinion.

P.S. As long as everyone is posting about their shoes today, these puppies make me a full 5 inches taller than I actually am. So I no longer represent the Lollypop Guild, the Lollypop Guild, the Lollypop Guild, and I no longer wish to welcome you to Munchkinland!


  1. Those shoes are FIERCE. Where are they from? Who made them? I must know!

  2. Thanks Renee. they're by Ash. They have them on the Bloomingdales site but if you go to the store you can get them with a discount. You know department stores are- they are always trying to move merchadise.

  3. But you looked so cute in that top! Honest husbands are brave husbands--but at least u didn't need to ask him if it made u look fat, lol. U are tiny, tall heels or not!! Sorry for the abbreviations--I'm on the iPhone.

  4. I love this outfit, but I'm drooling over your shoes.


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