Like School On Saturday...No Class

If you recognize the title of this post you are a true child of the 70s. It is from Fat Albert and it WAS my husbands favorite joke. That is until we started dating.

I work Saturdays. All day Saturday. 7 hours of lecturing and this is what I am going to be wearing (I always wear the same thing on Saturday that I do on Thursday because it makes my life easier and the classes are at different colleges so who's to know?)

That said, what I am I doing the night before? Preparing my lecture? No. Grading papers? No. Drinking cheap wine and blogging...BINGO.


  1. Great outfit- I love the length of those shorts. What I love even more than the shorts? Drinking cheap wine and blogging. lol :)

  2. I decided to have a clear out so i got rid of loads of stuff i haven't used in years including some old clothes of my mom's it must be from the same era as the photo of your mom, I'm sure it's the same double breasted jacket. you can even recycle mobile phones that were lying in a draw and in the back of my cupboard.
    At least i have room for my clothes now!

  3. I love the belted look with long shorts!
    Cheers to cheap wine, my preference is Moscato.
    I always look forward to your posts.

  4. I think you could wear just about anything with that figure & look terrific! Went to the Glen Cove B&GC tag sale yesterday, but did not get anything, which is always disappointing. Not that I couldn't have purchased something, but I am trying to cut back...

  5. My wine of choice has been Malbec for the past veiw months. Though the warmer weather usually makes me swich to a chardenney.
    I missed the sale yesterday :-( but I am making the rounds this week at all my favorite haunts.

  6. Pretty pretty outfit; I too love the shorts. I do the same thing as you on Sun & Mon -- the outfit I wear to church is the one I wear the next day to work.

    And I'm with you; I much rather drink wine and blog than grade papers, etc.

  7. Adorable outfit doll :) I hope you had a fantastic weekend! and hope you will take the award and pass it around to all those blogs which take you to Tiffany's dahling. Have a wonderful week!
    Miss Go Lightly


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