Where's the Spoon?...Aha

When I put this outfit together I immediately had to add the belt. Without it I look way too much like a waitress and I am NOT a waitress...anymore.

Yes, it is true, I count myself among the millions of other adults who waited tables in their youth. I subsided on hot wings and frozen sugar water, carried five bottles of Budweiser expertly in one hand and I shamelessly flirted with homely men (and the occasional woman) to earn a ten dollar tip on three bottles of Corona. I can admit this because I have been witness to my now husband dance...nay grind on top of the bar with entire Bachelorette parties when he was bartending.

And while I still impress dinner guests with being able to clear any size table of food and dishes with one single trip, I no longer accept tips for doing so. Hence the belt.

Won't you join me on a trip down memory lane...

This is me celebrating my 23 birthday at the Bear Bar, NYC

This is Hubby and Adam (Hubby is the Kisser- Adam is the Kissee)

And this is Sam and Carly wearing the exact same T-Shirts I met their Daddy in!!!


  1. Ahh that's so cute that they're wearing the t-shirt you met your hubby in! They look adorable :)
    Lottie x

  2. Cute but a little scary. My girls are 4 years old. True they are big for their age but still, that was a tiny uniform. No wonder I came home every night with my belly colored in beer.

  3. Adorable! And thanks for the sweet comment on my BB post. XO


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