Which girl was it that combed through the racks of a recent Boys and Girl’s Club rummage sale looking for vintage dresses to make into tunics? THAT GIRL!

And which girl stumbled across, among a plethora of other treasures that I honestly had to fight nobody for, this great, once mid-calf length frock most likely donated by someone named Hazel, Gertrude or Ester? THAT GIRL!

And which girl, without hesitation, recognized the graphic from one of America’s greatest sitcoms? THAT GIRL!

I give you (not literally) my THAT GIRL Tunic

As mentioned, when I met this tunic it was a long dress. A snip here…a fold there …and I now have one of my favorite pieces this season.

So many bloggers have been posting about tunics and leggings lately and I am glad the look is back. If you are old enough to remember dressing in the 80s you couldn’t escape the long t-shirt, leggings and big colorful belt made of inorganic material trend. Ugly as sin but so comfortable.
2010 has redefined the look. We retained the comfort but took away the garish fabrics and materials of the 80s

Welcome back tunic and leggings- perhaps this should have been a Kotter related post.


  1. The tunic and leggings look never worked for me but I always did envy the little skinny girls who could wear it. Even though everyone says black leggings make your legs look thinner. It's totally darling on YOU, though.

  2. Whoever says black leggings are flattering must mean when they covered up with a tunic. They show absolutly everything down to the brand of undies.

  3. Hi Beth, Thanks so much for your award. Made my day! Also, your necklace that you have on a few posts back is like 2 I have, they are antique and I think beautiful! Again, thanks!!!!!!

  4. PS. Love the Alice Cooper!

  5. I'm late to discussion, apparently, but want to note that the dress-to-tunic plan is brilliant and inspired, and totally working for you, here.

  6. I love the 80s.. I'm thrilled they've made a come back. The trick really is the length of the tunic.
    Love the black headband.

  7. What a great idea! I need to get to a thrift store NOW!


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