Martini, Honey, and Don't Waste any Space with Those Olives!

I am channeling someone today… I am just not sure who.

I feel part Karen Walker, part Joan Crawford; and part Angelica Huston.
So basically, someone get me a cocktail…quick.

My top (thanks for asking) is Hanes for boys in XL. I have had it for so long, and have worn it so often, it is now Hanes for Tween Boys- perhaps Justin Bieber size.

I got on board with the whole boys undershirt as corporate wear when I did my college internship. I swear the best part of an internship is learning corporate culture. One of the women in the office, with a LARGE impeccably decorated office, was Catherine Williams. She always wore black and dark blue Armani suits with t-shirts underneath . A simple look but she always looked so put together. Such a cool vibe and age appropriate for everyone. Also, inexpensive and very comfortable.

Hope everyone is having a good week


  1. haha- I could go for a martini right now, but I like the olives! lol

    Great outfit and I love that bracelet.

  2. Ooh, I'm def getting a Karen Walker vibe. In the best way possible. Looking long, lean, and fabulous.

  3. Well, I love Karen Walker and I can see that... the Joan Crawford thing...?? Honey, you ain't no mommy dearest! Mommy bestest, yes. White T shirts rule. Always. Justin B.? Not so much!

  4. I love reading your blog :)
    It always puts a smile on my face so thank you!
    Lottie x

  5. Love your blog :))
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    I hope you enjoy it, cannot wait to hear from you <3
    Have a great day!

  6. You look great and I LOVE that bracelet!

  7. gorgous look! i think your blog is cute!

  8. I am coveting that cuff, and your whole fabulous look. And suddenly I'm thirsty for a martini.

  9. Oh! And I forgot to mention. We totally made up an award and awarded it to you. It means nothing and comes with no prize but if I could buy you an olive-less martini, I would (could I have your olives?).

  10. Well thank you so much. I love awards, and are not all awards made up by someone? I will buy myself a martini tonight from you-you are welcome to my olive...

  11. I LOVE this outfit. It's so simple but you look absolutely amazing.

    I now feel the need to go out and buy more t-shirts.


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