Rhoda Week Continues...A Study in Contradiction

They say variety is the spice of life. I have to take their word for it considering I have eaten the same thing for lunch for the past 18 years.

But I have decided to add some spice to my blog.

Usually I blog about taking awesome old clothing and mixing them up 2010 style. Well today, in honor of the last few hours of Rhoda week I am taking the opposite approach. Today I am wearing today’s clothes that are made to look like yesterday.

The shirt is from Mandies. Not just Mandies but a Mandies Outlet (when I go cheap I really go cheap). I snuck in there and picked it out (1.99) before the red strobe light and the sirens went off alarming the sales people that someone over the age of (gasp) 18 had entered the store.
The necklace is from Target.

The shoes are Cole Hahn and no, they are not shoes, they are clogs. And, I am proud to say they are not my only pair of clogs. In fact, I could do a whole Taylor Wears Everything Shoe Edition (see-Taylor Wears Everything: Shoes: Chapter One )style post on just my clogs.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my captivating conclusion to Rhoda Morgenstern week.


  1. You look crazy great in yellow. And I've been enjoying Rhoda Morgenstern week. I loved her apartment so much when I was little. I know she coveted Mare's place but I much preferred Rhoda's, especially that beaded curtain.

    Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day with your lovely littles.

  2. I, too, have enjoyed the Rhoda week. Love that top. :)

  3. Yes, as a former Minneapolis dweller and MTM watcher (Nick at Nite, early 1990s), I never understood the idea that Rhoda was supposed to be less desirable than Mary. I had me a mad Valerie Harper crush. Funny how these really contemporary pieces seem so vintage. Well done. Hope the end of the semester is treating you well.

  4. You do look great in yellow! Love it with your dark hair, smashing. I don't own a SINGLE pair of clogs; the last pair I remember wearing was an awesome pair of Simple I paid full-price for when I was a Freshman in high school with Christmas money. Good times.


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