Rhoda Week Continues...Food and Exercise

With all this talk of weight management, a topic frequently on Rhoda’s mind, I decided to replace my normal diet and exercise routine this week with a more Morganstern-ian version, or one at least more indicative of the period.

My diet consists of the following

Sanka with sweet-n-Low
Half a grapefruit
½ a cup of cottage cheese.
3 cigarettes

Morning Snack
Tea with lemon
2 “Ayds” diet candies
5 cigarettes

Can of “Tab”
2 “Dexatrim” tablets
Hard boiled egg
Other half of grapefruit
Three celery stalks
7 cigarettes

Afternoon Snack
2 “Ayds” diet candies
Can of Tab
5 cigarettes

Beef patty
Previously prepared cabbage soup.
Can of Tab
Cling Peaches in light syrup.
5 cigarettes

Midnight Snack

Entire cheesecake

My normal jog and Pilates has been replaces with more appropriate faire.

50 Bicycles

(My spine began to get numb by 45-I suffer for my art)


  1. lol, I love the diet! I think I've done that one actually.
    When I visited New York for 4 days I ate cheesecake for breakfast every single day. It was divine. lol, probably explains my slim boyish figure. (or lack thereof)


  2. Wow that's an interesting diet! A who cheescake sounds marvelous!
    p.s. I found those shoes on Zappos.com. The feather one's right?
    Have a great day ;) xoxo

  3. Any diet with cheesecake is good to me! xx

  4. Wow! I forgot about Sanka and Tab. I must say that I love your necklace and your caftan-like jacket makes me wish I was about 6 inches taller.

  5. Omigod, I'm freaking out that you're working out in a body suit! Also, both the outfit and the diet seem inspired, to me. Clearly, they're both working for you!

  6. Oh Lord! When did 1974 get her? I would have to take up smoking again for that diet. Hey, not a bad excuse! "I have to smoke. It's required by my diet!"

  7. This is a great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and I'm looking forward to reading more as a follower. :)


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