Rhoda Week Conclusion- A Mother's Day Tribute to Nancy Walker

Rhoda week concludes, not coincidentally, on Mother’s Day.

Today, as a tribute to all our mothers my outfit is inspired, not by Rhoda, but by her mother Ida Morganstern, played by Nancy Walker, Denture Wearer.

(all over NYC in the 70’s were close-up pictures of her face advertising Polygrip with the caption “Nancy Walker, Denture Wearer”)

Yes, I realize that this as a dress it is way short... too short, it would seem, for an aging actress like Nancy Walker. Yet for some unexplainable reason, Nancy Walker and her tiny elderly compatriot Ruth Gorden, had such sass… such moxie… such 4’10 98 pound frames that they were known for rocking mini mini-dresses in the 1970's.

I had to include this last shot of me as it is Mother's Day and I looking frighteningly identical to my mother in it (perhaps why that is why I have the look of fear on my face- just kidding- my mom is a lovely lady).

Happy Mother's Day Everyone


  1. Mirror mirror on the wall... I am my mother after all. :)

  2. Don't tell my husband. LOL

  3. Too, funny. I'm sure you could wear the mini. ha, ha!

  4. Great post! I'd forgotten all about Nancy Walker's minidresses.


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