No More Teacher's Dirty Looks

A few hours ago I clicked “SUBMIT.” Yes, I read the warning; I am clearly aware that if I need to change a grade from this point forward I must hike down (schlepp if you are a Northeasterner) to the admissions building, toddlers in tow, and sign a form.

I clicked “SUBMIT.” There is no turning back now. Sure I sprinkled a few plus signs where they have little business adorning, but I award liberally to students who participate in class with actual related comments that do not begin, “One time my friends and I were wasted on the beach and…”

I clicked “SUBMIT.” My semester, lovingly referred to as SP10, is officially over . And so, this is my last Work ensemble post.

How apropo that I should be posting the last work related outfit in the same post that I am accepting an award, the Blackboard Award (as it is now named-we need a better graphic folks), from In Professorial Fashion- professors from Brooklyn who know their style.

I give any educator with style kudos. It is a tough balance; On one hand we are trying to solidify our place in the department of tenured, and often older professors, on the other hand we are trying to gain credibility with our students (a feet unto itself for young instructors) and still a third hand we are trying to not compromise our sense of style. On top of all this, when we do our job we are quite aware that all eyes in the room are (theoretically) upon us. For those of us who've lectured in lecture halls, that is sometimes upwards of 200 sets of eyes at any one time (again theoretically).

So Kudos right back at you, In Professorial Fashion and I am passing this award on to other educators who dare to put thought in their work ensembles and not just wear matching sweater sets and pearls.

P.S. Yes, all my clothing has a story. I gave this blouse to my mother for “Jewish Christmas” last year (that is what we celebrate- we like decorating trees) and she opened it, gave that famous look like she is smelling bad cheese and handed it right back to me. Thanks Mother, for the lovely blouse.

And my necklace is from a pawn shop right next door to the Brooklyn Criminal Courts. Let it be known that the best jewelry comes from people who must pawn it to keep their (alleged) criminal relatives out on bail.
BTW- Sorry I look so tired in this photo- I assure you I look more rested now- this picture is from earlier in the week


  1. I would never guess from the close-up picture of the blouse that it's that cool. LOVE how you styled it. And congrats on finishing the semester and your grading! Whoo-hoo!!! :)

  2. I loooove the belt with that blouse! It's chic and cute! xoxo

  3. Congrats on getting your grades in. I am officially jealous and will get right back to grading.

  4. Your mother sounds a lot like mine..(eye roll)You made this simple blouse look quite boho attractive.. kudos to you for showing off your waist.

  5. Ha! Of course I don't mind. This award was a total spur-of-the-blogging idea and has no rules except recognition of awesomeness. Feel free to re-name, re-envison, recycle it as you wish. I love the idea of sending it on into the blogiverse.

    And I also love this blouse and its gorgeous colour and the way you have styled it up with the belt. Your mum missed out!

    And congrats on submitting grades! Hurrah! Have a martini--you have earned it.

  6. I second D-Med's kudos, both for submitting your marking, and for this gorgeous ensemble! Woo-HOO!! Sweet freedom, thy name is end-of-term!!

  7. LOVE the necklace (and the story). I was in Worth Repeating today with both of my daughters & I was talking to Betsy about a blog post, etc. & she told me about this "great girl who blogged about the shop" - she was so proud & sweet! Of course, I had to tell her that we were blog friends & then it was my turn to be proud. Have a great weekend!

  8. AHHHHHH. I have already planned my first week of outragously elaborate dinner menus!

    Thanks- North Of, I am trying to convince Betsy to let me start a blog for here- that store has so much stuff it would be great to open it up to the online crowd.

  9. I know this is super late - but better late than never, right? Thank you so much for the award - you are too sweet!!

    I always love to see what other educators wear in the classroom (and out). Thanks!!


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