Pale and Pallor Jewish American Princess

How can I thank Pale and Pallor Princess enough for honoring me with the highly coveted Sugar Doll Award? I know, I can pay homage to her with an ensemble.

I recommend everyone dress up like Pale and Pallor Princess at least once a week as it is truly a glamous look. I feel pretty…oh so pretty.

As per the rules of the award, I am passing it on to a few lovely bloggers…but first you have to sit through ten things about me (also “as per the rules”)

1. I am a Pilates Junkie. I swear by The Method Precision Toning. Do it three times a week and your hips with thank you in a month (what’s left of them)

2. I have an unexplainable fascination with all things drag and transsexual. I must say I understand, If I was born a man I would be very jealous of all the fun females have dressing up, putting on makeup and not paying for dinner.

3. My twins are PDD- which is like “Autism lite.” If you met them you wouldn't suspect it…you’d just think they were annoying. Eventually they will annoy their friends, professors, boyfriends and husbands, but we are happy that we know they will have friends, professors, boyfriends and husbands to annoy. I still annoy my family, friends and husband every day.

4. I honestly believe my husband was created in a lab somewhere specifically for me. He is my ideal that I have talked about since I was 11 and started noticing boys.

5. I have never really gotten over River Phoenix dying.

6. I love art. I consider myself a collector. I went to Marymount Manhattan College for my undergraduate work and they require, as part of the core curriculum, an art appreciation class. I really feel confident about my ability to spot, not really valuable art, but good art- and yes there is such a thing as good art.

7. The reason I have such an eclectic style is that I learned how to dress by playing dress up in my brothers and mother’s closets as a kid. My mom was obese when I was growing up. She has since has the stomach surgery and lost over 100 pound, but when I was a kid I learned how to make a size 18 silk shirt work on a size 2 frame (lots of belts wrapped around and around me).

8. I am still bitter that Jason Castro got voted off American Idol 2 years ago.

9. The ring I am wearing in this shot was stolen accidently from target when I bought the tights. (upside down it looks like the guy from the monopoly game)
10. By hobbies include shopping for clothing and blogging (lol)

And here are the bloggers I am passing this on to…








So pass it on, but if you have a million awards and you are tired of paying them forward just know that you are great bloggers and we all appreciate your efforts


  1. You're sweet! I accidentally stole sunglasses once- so I know the feeling. I totally need to try that Pilates.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Petit Rococo giveaway

  2. Hmm, I too have accidentally stolen from Target. Once it was a big pack of toilet paper that I left at the bottom of the cart and another time it was a hand sanitizer key chain.

    I also loved Jason Castro. He has such a beautiful voice and well, he's cute.

  3. I've never really gotten over Andy Gibb dying.

    That ring is awesome, even if it was obtained by accidentally illegal means.

  4. What is it about being able to steal from Target? I've gotten out with a DVD, a big plastic container and a pair of socks. I did return the DVD (I already had it) and the container (it had gotten stuck to the one I was intending to buy so it had no lid) BUT I kept the socks since they were from the $1 bins. Am I nuts or did you only share NINE things about you??? BTW, they were much more interesting than most--I think you and I were born drag queens in a woman's body. AND I AM STILL TOTALLY PISSED OFF ABOUT RAVEN LOSING TO THAT "OTHER" TYRA!!!!!

  5. I hope the law doesn't come and get you for your accidental theft. :)

    I'm wondering why you assume that females don't pay for dinner.... I make more money than my hubs does so I pay for dinner more frequently.

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  7. Who knew there were so many cleptomaniacs out there? I am normally a very honest person and I only discovered the ring when I was putting the stuff into the minivan so...you know...in a rush, didn't want to keep the baby sitter waiting, yadda yadda yadda.

    And you could be right, I am a woman trapped inside a man's body who is trapped inside a woman's body. Sort of like those dolls that fit into each other so neatly. Luckily we all get along or it would be chaos around here.

    Just kidding. I m just a woman who really appreciates the fun of being a female.

    I knew it would come down to Tyra and Raven at end. Though Tatiana really starte to grow on me.

    And I do assume that men who channel women for drag or their new transgendered bodies make certain assumptions about what it is like to be a female in our society- not paying for dinner could be one of the assumptions they make, among others. There is a great interview with Venus Extravaganza in the movie 'paris is burning" where "she" says all she wants out of like is to be a "Spoiled white housewife

  8. Great post - I love reading about the people whose blogs I follow. I went to MMC and I took that same art course and my very first piece of "real" art was purchased from an artist exhibiting in the gallery space.

  9. You are a pretty, pretty princess! And I must know more about this Pilates DVD. Can anyone (and by anyone I mean a person who is not especially co-ordinated or bendy) do it? Is there a "beginner's" version? My arse is taking on the dimensions of my office chair, which is not at all pretty.

    Good luck with the final week-ish of classes. I hope it flies by and that the grading goes even faster.

  10. I have one week and a day left of class. At this point it is just Sitting through speeches and final projects and grading grading grading.

    Pilates is for everyone. They say 10 sessionsmake you feel better, 20 sessions make you look better and 30 sessions give you a whole new body. 100% true. This DVD Has two parts intro and a full workout; The first part is an introduction to the basic postures it is only 15 minutes which is great for beginners because it it is so short that you don't feel like your lifestyle is changed too much. But it is really effective.

  11. You are so sweet to pass this award on to me! I am so grateful for you and all my followers :) I didn't think anyone would "get" me, and it's neat to see someone does. Validation is good! Thanks. If I don't always comment, it's because it's spring and I am trying to get back into shape. I still visit and appreciate you!!! I will do a post this coming week! By the way you scandal ;) I too have gotten home with items they forgot to charge me for, but I used to "grab" candy all the time!!! Then I got into karma guilt and as soon as I started noticing myself being kinda dishonest, I got caught every time!!! Darn karma ;)

  12. Thank you for the sweet award. You always look amazing. Maybe I should trade in my hydroxy cut for Pilates?

    Love the pearls with this little dress, and the lace tights... Wow you can pull off anything!


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