My First Theme Week...Rhoda Morgenstern

It’s a big step…a theme week …and not one to be entered into lightly. Much like choosing a major in college, accepting a marriage proposal and finding celebrities to name children after, a theme week is a decision that one can never undo (unless of course one were to click “delete post”).

This, my first theme, was a toss-up

It was almost “Middle aged wealthy woman from the first season on Columbo whose husband either murders her or murders his mistress because all her money would go to her nere-do-well nephew upon her demise.”

Or perhaps...

“Tall chain smoking woman from Annie Hall who Woody Allen brings to the Cape to boil lobsters in an unsuccessful attempt to recreate his relationship with Annie.”

But alas I choose Rhoda Morgenstern. Which I am quite please with because She is a fun icon to channel. All three themes featured the same ensembles, but Rhoda had the best musical accompaniment.

Many thanks to Mother-in-law Annette for the scarf, nay head wrap.


  1. Ah, loving it! Although I would appreciate a "lady of Columbo" week, as that is one of my father's favorite (and mine, as well) TV shows ever.

  2. Rhoda was always my favorite. But you don't look like Rhoda. Or maybe you look like Rhoda WISHED she looked like if any of her diets would've succeeded. In any event, have fun!

  3. I wish I had your legs and could wear short shorts like that! :)

  4. Everyone needs a little Rhoda in there lifetime!
    Did Rhoda have legs? I think you have one up on her!

  5. I think rhoda had gams, I think she was just modest. It must be that conservative Queens, NY Jewish ideology? LOL

  6. I always like Rhoda much better than MTM - love it!


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