Sum Sum Summertime...Almost

Being an academic is like being an eternal student.

September always means new pencils, notebooks and a ton of new clothes. By March I am ready for my Spring Break; 10 days where I barely get out of my pajamas and yes, drain the liquor cabinet nightly.

Well now, mid-May I am ready for summer vacation; Sun, beach, white wine…

But it is also bittersweet because the summer vacation means farewell to my work wardrobe. Imagine an entire category on hiatus (or sabbatical is it would be) for three long months.

And so, with only one week left of “work” (which I still can’t believe someone pays me to do) I am having a little harmless fashion fun with my last few "work" related outfit posts of the semester.

This is my “new” Jill Saunders skirt. It is proof that there is such a thing as “love at first sight.” Its tag said $28 but Betsy, the owner of Worth Repeating let me talk her down to $10. I seriously don’t know how the woman makes any money off me. I can’t wait until Fall to wear it with some sky high boots and cool sweaters.

My “ vest” is so sneaky. It is not a vest at all but a tank top from Old Navy, which is my wardrobe staple. I have a hundred of them. They are light so they can be layered without fear of suffocation even in late Spring.
The oxford is very shear and sleeveless, though under the "vest" it seems super conservative.

My shoes area a little scandalous too, not only because they are four and a half inch heels, but also because they are at the end of bare legs. But since the rest of my outfit is so conservative, I feel like I can look like a trollop from the knee down.

Wish me luck from underneath 120 final papers and exams to grade.


  1. OMG! 120 papers and exams! ouch. Love the outfit, though! And the shoes are hardly scandalous in that lovely chocolate brown. Love 'em! :)

  2. Good luck with the exams! It's not until June where I'm at. I'm also trying to catch the last bit of deadlines before a long trip+vacation begins. I think the long vacations, the sabbaticals and freedom to work anywhere is worth the 60-hour academic work weeks.

    I love your blog. I'll add it to my Reader today.

  3. you look so gorgeous!! love the skirt :) and those shoes are very cool
    hope those exams treat you kindly :) xx

  4. I bet you drive all the young boys, crazy!

  5. I think this is very appropriate, and I love the different browns. Great skirt find!

  6. That skirt is gorgeous, as are those shoes. And I'm totally borrowing your tank-top-as-vest idea when school's back in session!


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