Are You a Jeter or a Jagger?

Oh, where shall I begin with this one?

Lets’ start with one of my many Mars and Venus theories. This one regards us “Veni.” Women of the world either likey their jocks or likey their musicians. Period. Oh, I have come across the rare woman who likey her brilliant professor and one who only dates guys whose names begin with the letter "J"…but for the most part…regardless of who you are dating or married to, in your not to deep heart you are either turned on by a low ERA or late nights by the fire composing a song. I think it has something to do with whether a gal assesses merit based on qualitative vs. quantitave methodologies.

Those who know me are well aware of my preference. I don’t just dig jocks…I dig serious jocks. Pitchers and quarterbacks and centers oh my. Hubby’s college fastball was almost in the triple digits. I must clarify that I DO NOT LIKE SPORTS at all, but I like people who like sports. I did my master’s thesis on men and sports so I’d say I have a passing interest in the subject.

That said, I call this ensemble my “Night Ranger Groupie” look. It is my homage to all you ladies who like the sensitive ponytail musical types. The lovely leather mini-skirt is a product of one of many shopping excursions with Mother. Shopping with Mother is a lot like dining with Kirstie Ally. My mother can walk into a hardware store and find four figures worth of items she simply “Can’t live without.” Narre is the boutique that she leaves empty handed and if one has the privilege of joining her on an excursion the same rules apply.

Hence this totally like rad leather mini. She took one feel and said “oh my god it’s like butta” and she was not even channeling Linda Richmond, Belen actually talks like that.

The scary part of this whole post is not that I am in possession of a black leather mini-skirt that Tawny Katan probably owns in every color, but that I actually already had all the
accouterments on hand to complete the outfit; denim jacket with faint tobacco and aquanet aroma…check, white leather boots…check, Bumpit for my hair…check.

This is my attempt to salvage the purchase. I think I will be giving up and sending it via UPS to myself in Jr. High. Lets see how much Mother likes it on me then.


  1. Oh, I love how you pluralized "Venus"!! I would love to go shopping with Belen although I KNOW I'd give her some competition as there are very few (like, I can count the times on two fingers) that I've left a store empty-handed. You look tres cute in the white boots. PS--my husband played semi-semi-pro football and when he sings sounds like a wounded banshee, so I guess you know where my preferences lie . . .

  2. Hmm, I like the the Jock, Rocker. Jim Morrison with a little bit of muscle.

  3. So after extensive discussion with the panel of elders we came up with this partial list of guys that transend this rule...
    Your Jim Morrison
    Tom Brady
    Elvis circa 1963
    Paul or Joh Circa 1966
    and of course Johnny Depp


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