I am the Dancing Queen; Young and Sweet; Only Seventeen (Yea Right...21 Years Ago)

The 5 dollar rack is a seductive temptress. The labels alone make you rethink lifelong fashion ideologies. This dress is the perfect example. It is new with tags from Tart. Not only is it new with tags from Tart, but it is new with tags from Tart and The Girls Room, a posh boutique in a well-to-do town on the North Shore. Plus, not only is it new with tags from Tart and The Girls Room, a posh boutique in a well-to-do town on the North Shore, but said tags read 190.00. Could I really leave it in the store for 5 dollars?

The problem is that this is another example of a great dress that just isn’t me. This is a dress for a girl who takes herself much more seriously than I do. A real “girly girl” ready to go dancing at a moment's notice; a girl who wears nightgowns rather than boy shorts to sleep; a girl who would prefer to be gifted flowers than vodka; a girl who has seen every episode of Sex and the City. This is not me.

My solution are my Miss Sixties-tried and true. I have had these jeans since college and I swear they always come through. They have very few design elements so they lay flat under jersey knit such as this. The high boots cut through a little more of the girlishness and kinda make the whole look remind me of an extra from Hair…not a main character mind you, but one of those dancers in the background. That’s a good look for me; much less pressure but still a whole lot of fun.

Are still singing ABBA's "dancing Queen"? So was I. I decided to have a dance themed dressup day.

Sam is playing Isadora Duncan...

Carly is playing Fred Astaire...

Baby Dean is playing Bob Fosse.


  1. OMG- those pics are hilarious- love the dancing theme!


  2. When I saw that you had visited and joined (thank you) my blog, I just had to check out your blog. So, now I join yours.

    Did I do it just to return the favor? Mais no, ma petite chouchou! It was the fantastic leopard coat with the blue lining! Oh my darling; I may be older and heavier than you, but can I live my stylish life vicariously through you? You have such great fashion sense (and seemingly a much better array of wonderful clothing in NY)!

  3. Thanks for the comments,ladies. Glad you like the photos of the Kids, Renee. They are just starting to cultivate my love for dress-up...even baby Dean. Welcome Sandy. I am glad you like my blog.

  4. What a steal! I love the dress in the first picture, but like you, I think you Rock the second dress. Love the edginess of the jean and boot look!FAB!! Your children are adorable♥



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