Oh So Pretty...Witty...And Gay (Not That There is Anything Wrong With That)

I am so sorry Junior League Thrift Shop of Roslyn, NY, staffed by a half dozen little old lavender haired ladies who never heard of “Milly,” hence the 35.00 price tag on this skirt and purse combo that called my name from your store window display this afternoon after my haircut and facial at Nubest. I am so so very sorry; particularly in regard to the cavalier nature in which you throw around commas and decimal points rendering what would have cost no less than 600.00 new at Saks or Neimans the same price as a cheesecake from Juniors (plain-not slathered in cherries). By the look in your face and the tone in your voice when I inquired about the price it is obvious, much like Tiger Woods, that you have seen the error in your ways…a little too late to avoid getting caught. But as in love and war, all’s fair in hunting and sale-ing.

This may well be the prettiest garment I have ever possessed with its hand dyed floral silk and inverted box pleats. I feel a little like Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina. When Hubby caught an eyeful he said I looked “sweet, innocent and pure”… then he tilted his head back and laughed for 45 minutes.


  1. AH! What an amazing find! Congrats on your bargain!


  2. simply fabulous! I adore the color, so summery! Your writing style is fantastic, by the way, love it! p.s. what a cute little dude!!

  3. Thanks so much for all three of your comments. And I am glad you are enjoying my writing, Brittany. Baby Dean is my constant accessory. Luckily he goes with everything and never goes out of style.

  4. Hey beautiful! Love this look on you!

  5. Oooo how pretty!! And that second photo is too cute :) I love his name, my brother is called Dean!
    Lottie x


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