It's Fundraising Season Again

Wedding season used to be my favorite season. For years looked I forward with great anticipation to the pomp and circumstance which embodies our modern take on the ancient ritual. I love the toasts; I love the music; and of course I love the clothing.

But alas, everyone got married. Damn that cupid…such a workaholic.

Who knew adulthood would bring a whole new season of events; Fundraisers. They are like weddings: everyone dresses up and hires a babysitter for the night, there are 15 young boys in tuxedos who for a 10 spot will ensure you get first dibs on his tray of filet mignon on toast-points, there is a harried woman preying that the evenings events will flow as mellifluously as they have in her head. Plus, as an added bonus you can win stuff- I won a basket of Godiva Chocolate at an affair two weeks ago which I devoured in the car on the way home.
And it is all for a good cause!!!

This past week I went to my second of four such fundraisers this season. This one was a wine tasting for the School for Language and Communication Development.

I snapped some photos of looks that caught my eye but as I said it was a wine tasting and boy did we taste. At one point I pulled a chair up to a venders table and downed samples of Malbec (my favorite wine) like they were shots. By the end of the night I was lucky I knew my name.

These were the standout looks of the affair.

I love this dress. Here in New York we rarely see color. Just black, black and more black. Regardless of you r activity for any given day, a pair of black pants with a black shirt and black shoes is totally appropriate. Hence the expression: Black is the new black. I was so happy to see green. Doesn’t this lady look adorable? And the dress itself is so glamorous, like she should be stepping on a subway grate a la Marilyn Monroe.

This ladies hat is just too cute. It makes her look like she just stepped out of one of your better vintage blogs but this woman was a teenager. Kudos to you for having such style so young. When I was your age I was wearing Keds and my boyfriend’s Champion sweatshirts inside out (I assure you it was the look).

And of course, my lovely date Suzanne. She always looks great though. I call this outfit her “Hot librarian” look. You know there is something freaky behind the demure neckline and below the knee length. Check out her Rock-and-Roller TODS bag too- It says I summer in the Hamptons but I party until they kick me out of the bar.

My lovely date and I.


  1. I've heard that about New York of course, but it still surprises me that its fashion is so monochromatic! Green is my favvvvvvvvve color.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring into Spring giveaway

  2. Let's put it this way, my wedding colors were black and white- and guess what was the only thing (ironic enough) that was in white.

  3. I have been trying to incorporate color into my wardrobe... but this post makes me feel better about the 3 black tops I just purchased for summer:0) Love the boots ladies!!!


  4. I am milking boot season until it screams for mercy- the funny thing is that I was not the only one at this event in bermuda shorts and boots!


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