Right on Maude!!!

As I was perusing my closets this morning I considered the day that lay ahead. I asked myself, "Who shall I channel today fashionisticly (is that a word)?"

The sophisticated charm of Audrey Hepburn?

The seductive innocence of Ann Margaret?

The trendy youthfulness of one of those lovely Kardashian ladies?

There's Audrey, Ann, KimChloeandtheonewiththekid…and then there’s Maude!

Today I feel like channeling a middle-aged bawdy housewife from Queens, NY. An Emmy winning middle-age housewife from Queens, NY.

My students were unenthusiastic about this look this morning, mostly because it means business. Today’s lecture was not on a fun subject. It was not on theories of relationships that segued into a discussion of why women stay with men who cheat. It was not about how to read people’s non-verbal behavior and the ten ways to tell if someone is lying. Today’s lecture was about Task Groups, homogenous versus heterogeneous. Even writing the subject makes me yawn. It is a dry dry subject. Pragmatic, yes…even snarky at times, but for the most part a dry but necessary component in an otherwise fan favorite of a freshman level college elective. In this way it is much like Maude. She is dry as the desert- snarky even when she is asleep and without her the show would be called Walter and who wants to see that?

The ensemble is built around a recent acquisition from Mother Belen. She purchased this dress for slightly more than a smile and a wink at a church sale and immediately called me to say “I bought you a dress…you’re not going to like it.” I love gift that are introduced with such positivity. She offered to make it obscenely short so I could wear it as a minidress or tunic, but I told her I like it as a duster just the way it is…so long, so confident…Right On Maude!


  1. Fashionistically speaking, I love the long tunic look but of course it definitely does scream MAUDE! and TODAY YOU'RE GOING TO LISTEN TO ME OR I'LL FIX YOU WITH A STARE AND A RAISED EYEBROW AND YOU'LL BE SORRY YOU WERE EVER BORN! Or something like that. You still look amazingly cute, though.

  2. I love turquoise and brown together- it's one of my fave combinations.


  3. I will always be a middle aged Queens girl and I think you look terrific. Are you going to Worth Repeating on Thursday? I live in LV & was planning on going...

  4. I am not planning another one soon, but if we have another daughter I will name her Maude. Then I can say we have sam, carly, dean and then there's maude. I just hope she has Bea Arthur's attitude.

    I am not usually a color girl- but I love Turquose with brown too. It is such a rich combo

    The Locust Valley Worth Repeating Sale is Tomorrow, Tuesday at 3 and the Glen Cove Worth Repeating Too sale is on Thursday at 3..so get your Hiney in gear North Of 25A!!!!

  5. You are precious in this ensemble, I love that you choose WHO to channel! I do that too, and I am glad your choices are as varied as mine are- from Audrey to Maude is quite a fashion jump. Your vintage furniture is quite fab too.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring into Spring giveaway

  6. Oh my goodness, this post is hysterical... I love Maude... Don't mess with Maude! thelookingglassvintage.blogspot.com


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