In Mourning this Morning

I am in mourning this week. It has been a very emotional five days for me. I had to call in a personal day at work and hide my face under my binkie in hopes that my grief would subside. Thus far it has not.
Thrice this week the grim reaper of American reality programming has shared boxcars with my favorite contestants on their rollercoaster of competition on three separate programs. I am beginning to think it is a personal attack against me.

I will begin my eulogy with the contestant who most touched me and that of course is Morgan McMichaels of RuPaul’s Drag Race II. Morgan darling, through the remainder of my days I will wistfully remember your vivid lip sink to Stacy Q’s “Two of Hearts” and whenever I see a six foot bride in a mini-gown with a pronounced Adam’s Apple I will shed a tear on your behalf. Ms. McMicheals you will live on in my heart.
Poor Crystal Bowersox…poor poor Crystal Bowersox. She and Lilly Scott had drams of taking on New York by storm. Armed with acoustic guitars, squeegees and a tin can they were going to bring folk rock versions of 80’s English Pop and poppy versions of country music classics to the corner of 95th and 1st for all the commuters from Westchester and South Jersey to hear. Now Lilly, you will have to brave the cold NY streets alone (please hum the theme to Midnight Cowboy here). My heart goes out to you.

And last, but not least, but definitely shortest, Ben Chmura, the Grime Reaper’s third blow to my viewing habits this week. Just because he can’t sew a suit and has little understanding of how a woman wishes her crotch to be represented Heidi, Michael, Nina and Frenchy sent him home. It’s a travesty. If it weren’t for the fact that the camera caught you in a telephone conoodle weeping about how you missed your main squeeze we would all really feel bad about your departure. But I am a little glad you are being reunited with Mr. Wonderful. Mazel Tov.

So avedazane, sing us out and sashay away Morgan, Lily and Ben. I will see you all again in my well designed, folk-ish music filled, perfectly applied eye-liner laden dreams.

On a brighter note, congratulations Casey James, Anthony Wiliams and Pandora Box, you are my new favorites. Good Luck this week.


  1. I must say I too shed a tear for Crystal..


  2. I was a diehard Sonique fan and just didn't care for Morgan. Pandora may just be my fav too although I'm pretty sure I know who'll walk away with the win . . .

  3. I don't care who wins as long as it is not Tyra. It'll be Tyra...but I won't be happy about it!


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