Erin Go Bragh

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone.

I am not Irish…never have been. But I am an honorary member due to the fact that with the exception of my hubby, every boy I ever went out with was (and presumably still is) Irish.

So, I am dedicating today’s blog to them, my beaus of yesteryear…Dan, Craig, Josh, Ben, Fred, Frank, Don, Chris, Harold, Monty, Vinny, Tyrone, Chiam, Sam, Woody, Cliff, Norm, Coach, Hawkeye, BJ, Clinger, Radar, Trapper and Peirce.

In their honor I do three things every March 17th:

1) I make a Rubin Casserole in the slow cooker;

2) I eat an entire loaf of Irish soda bread by myself in my car in the parking lot of whatever store I bought it from;

3) I wear green-ish.

I present to you my Saint Patrick’s Day Ensemble. Besides my sash from my Girl Scout uniform, this skirt is the only green item in my closet. It is vintage Gucci and has that great 80’s bell shape to it. I rarely wear it besides Saint Paddy’s day because it has a teeny tiny waist and the four day pre-soda bread fast is truthfully the only reason it closes in the first place. It was purchased years ago at Housing Works on 77th Street and 3rd Avenue. Just a stones throw from the Blarney Stone. Coincidence? I think not.


  1. I like the outfit- it's green without being all cartoon-y like basically everyone else on St. Patty's Day. I took the other route and wore mostly orange (a dress). After all, I am Protestant. But I added a green cap and a white jacket to cover all the colors of the flag.


  2. Your a rebel- though you are the professional fashion expert so i suppose your are the one who has it right and we are all the rebels.


  3. Reuben casserole? In the slow cooker! I would love the recipe for that. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  4. Looking gorgeous as usual. Happy St. Pats Day!

  5. Trying to Keep up with you Stac!!!!

    Heather, here is the link to the recipe. It is decadent so be prepared to feel it for the next 2 days


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