You Like Me...You Really Like Me

My first blogging award and I am thrilled.

I have to thank Looking Glass Vintage for awarding me this. Coming from you it is such an honor. I feel like you are my like a fun neighbor who I can play dress-up with when the kids are watching Nick Jr. Tonight I will drink a cocktail in your honor.

And thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my blog. It always makes my day.

I am passing on this award to 10 blogs that I love. Who I read obsessively and who inspire me.

Also, Looking Glass Vintage and i have changed the rules of the award. Originally you are supposed to just nominate people, but since most of the blogs I am awarding are revolve around fashion , vintage or both (with tongue planted in cheek)you have to pose for the acceptance in your finery. If you don’t want to pose in finery, find a photo of you posing in finery and Photoshop the award into your hand!


1. Style is the New Black- Every outfit you wear makes me smile. You always look so happy too.

2. Vintage Christine – Your blog is awesome– I love the photos and stories about your life.
Someone once commented to you that you must have lived a thousand lives- they must have been fun lives. Also, you watch RuPaul's Drag Race too which in my book automatically makes you awesome.

3. If I didn’t have a sense of Humor- Thank god for you and my laugh of the day

4. Va Voom Vintage – Hubba Hubba

5. Midwest Habitat – I love your observations and the fact that you have so many kids and still have time to write a blog is amazing to me.

6. Paradigm Thrift- You make the finest Bowling Pin Art in the land

7. Pink Champagne is for Dancing- Could you be any cuter? I love how daring you are with your outfits and that you include stuff about your life. I love when bloggers include stuff about their lives.

8. My Shopaholic Confessions- For being young and stylish and hip. Someday you will be old like us and grateful that leggings came back because they are slightly more stylish than the sweatpants we live in. Savor your youth.

9. Twila from the Mysterious Life of a Metropolitan Housewife – First of all, why do you get to have such a cool name and I am stuck with Bethann. Your momma needs to have a little chat with my Momma. Second- great clothing.

10. And last but not least, It’s Exhausting Being this Juicy- because it really must be exhausting being that Juicy. Someday I will die and wake up in your closet.

Thanks for reading my blog and as Vintage Christine Says “If You Follow Me, I'll Follow You (in a non-stalking, kind & gentle kind of way)


  1. OMG! I am so honored! Thank you! I'm looking forward to "posing in my finery." lol! Thanks again!

    - Renee (Style... the New Black)


  2. I'm so glad you like my blog!! Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for adding me to the list <3 <3 <3

  4. Congrats on your award. Great blog! I followed the link from Barbara's blog and had to say hello!

  5. Welcome Mimi! Any friend of Barbara is a friend of mine. Pull up a seat. May I offer you a Beverage?

  6. Thank you so much Beth! It is really awesome to be recognized with such an cool group of blogs.
    BTW, You rock! Keep on bloggen!!

  7. Well for pete's sake--my first award! I guess being whiney pays off. Now are we winners supposed to pass it off to 10 other people or is this just your award to give away? All these rules and regulations make my head hurt. I missed RuPaul this week and I keep missing the reruns--yes, I KNOW I can go to the website but I'm so afraid Raven got voted off that I can't bring myself to go! I promise to wear my finest t-shirt when I get my trophy and tiara. I'm so excited and thank you soooooo mucho, sweetie. You're kinda awesome your own self!

  8. Yes yes- Pass it along to blogs you like.

    And raven was not only safe-she won this week. Sorry for the spoiler. She will win the whole thing i am sure.

  9. Thanks so much for the award! You're so very sweet!!

  10. I'd like to thank the Academy, my kids, all the people who make this whole thing happen - too many to mention here. I'm just absolutely THRILLED to have made your list!!! I feel I may just have to make a pin in your honor!!!

    sign me...

    happy Mary



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