Ode to my New Prada Pumps

Once in a lifetime a love comes along that is so perfect and pure it illicit emotions that one never knew one could feel. Such a love has the power to instill us with the strength to move mountains and the confidence to address stadiums. Love affairs like these are not common. History has seen very few such perfect unions; Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Harold and Maude and now…me and my new Prada black satin peep toe sling back pumps with flower heels.
To mark the occasion I have penned the following poem to my amore.

Ode to My New Prada Black Satin Peep Toe Sling Back Pumps With Flower Heels

Oh Prada pumps my new favorite shoes;
With satin peep toe and heel of many hues.

When first we met our union was forbidden;
My pregnant belly and your price tag, who were we kiddin?

I never gave up hope; I kept coming back;
But alas Bergdorf’s does not have a clearance rack.

Ah, but that EBay my true Cupid splendor;
Availing me to my beloved but for considerably less tender.

Your graceful sling back cradles my heel;
And the height to which you lift me only adds to the appeal.

I will pair you with skirts, with suits and maybe a tailored short;
No mind your lack of ergonomics, my feet are quite willing to contort.

Care not do I about your minuscule nick;
Organic imperfections befall all stems and sticks.

So thank you Prada, deannacombs22 and Ebay too;
Instead of six seventy five they were only two hundred forty two.


  1. Awesome blog, Beth! LOVE those shoes! xoxo

  2. Yippy- Melissa likes my blog...melissa Likes my blog. I feel validated. Thank you so much.

  3. GORGEOUS!!! I'm SO jealous!


  4. Ahhhh! You wax poetic in such a pure, genuine manner. I well understand your love for such beautiful footwear. They are wonderful!!

  5. Thanks for coming to my PAR-TAY...hope you had a good time:) Luv those shoes!


  6. Love your shoe addiction. I've nominated you for a blog award, check it out.


  7. Congratulations! And I got a pair of Prada shoes at Worth Repeating yesterday - yipee!

  8. My husband used to call me Imelda due to the number of shoes I had, but now that I no longer go to the office or dance the night away I gave away all my pretty shoes and now it's flip flops. Had I ever come home with a pair of shoes that cost that much he probably would have divorced me or more probably had me committed. Nevertheless, they're gorgeous and you got a honkin' deal on them, too. We all deserve beautiful shoes!

  9. I am jealous of myself with these shoes. Boy it is amazing how a great pair of shoes can make you so happy. Thanks for the comments guys. and OH MY GOSH Thank you Looking Glass for the Award. I am so honored. I am making my picks now. I will post them later today.

  10. Whoa, those are killer! I remember the days when I actually wore, no DANCED in those shoes as an instructor at Arthur Murrays'. Alas, I now wear sensible shoes most of the time. But you go girl! Thanks for stopping by Zootsuitmama's.

  11. Gorgeous shoes for a gorgeous pair of legs!


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